Flip Flops for Summer

Toe sandals and flip flops are nowadays an integral part. At the very least, the idea of ​​bathing holidays is at hand. But the open summer shoes have a lot more to offer.

The History Of The Toe Sandals

Toe sandals have been known for thousands of years. Among the ancient Egyptians, the shoes were the footwear of higher personalities, according to ethnicityology. The rest was barefoot. At that time, they were made from palm tree, papyrus, reeds and similar plant fibers. It was reserved for the kings to wear sandals from fine tanned leather.

Also in Asia there is such a model of origin. The so-called Japanese Zori is a flat shoe made of rice, which still today is an everyday footwear in Japan.

What Are Flip Flops At All

Actually, the name Flip Flops is a registered trademark. However, toes are generally known as flip flops.

In contrast to normal toe sandals , flip flops similar to bath slippers can also be worn in the water.

Where flip flops have their name is not known. Probably the best known guess is the sound that comes when walking, when the shoe sole straps from the ground to the sole of the foot.

Previously, this type of bath sandal was also called “dianette”. The expression has almost completely disappeared with the advent of the term Flipflops within a few years.

Flip flops have come to the fore, as many of them have a damaging plastic that can be absorbed through the skin.

Ankle Strap As A Popular Summer Shoe

Modern toe sandals are mostly made of leather, artificial leather, but also of textile and synthetic materials. Unlike flip-flops, they usually have a skin-friendly cork footbed. The construction of the shoes still proves to be very simple, but today they are upgraded with various applications. Normally, toe sandals are known for recreational use, but now they are also seen in some offices.

Thong sandals are also very popular due to their design but also because of their wearing comfort. They are also true all-round talents. Whether on the beach, on the lake, during shopping or at the ice cream parlor – they are the ideal companions for any situation and can be combined well. This makes the wide range of available colors easy.

Meanwhile, toes have reached a true cult status and are year after year ideal for the summer.With constantly new designs you are surely in the trend.