Flight Control Lands on Android

By: camillebrion

Namco at last brings us Android popular landing game Flight Control developed by Firemint, which has received very good reviews in other platforms where was already available, such as iOS and DSiWare.

Our goal is to get that planes and helicopters landing perfectly on its runways. To do this we will have to mark their routes, avoiding that they crash or landing strips to collapse.

View the video at the original site.

The game includes a total of 10 aircraft and 5 airfields. The difficulty will increase over time, where increasingly appear us more aircraft where each one has its own airstrip, and some will have priority to make emergency landings.

As we see the idea of the game is simple but addictive. Flight Control is already available in the Android Market for mobiles with Android 1.6 or higher, at a price of 4.99 dollars, about 3.67 euros, but hopefully that Namco also remove free in Exchange for advertising as it did in iOS.

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