Flash 10.2 Reach Honeycomb in March

By: camillebrion

We dot see landing to the Motorola Atrix 4 G, the most powerful terminal of the market with Android 2.2 Froyo, and Motorola Xoom in the United States, as they will do so this week, being the Xoom are the first tablet with Android Honeycomb to reach the market.

At first they told us that it would without Adobe Flash support, but now Motorola has renounced and says that in an update OTA (“Over The Air”) that support will be enabled during the spring.

And still does not end there the thing, since Adobe has been much more explicit indicating that Adobe Flash 10.2 will be ready in a couple of weeks from the arrival of Honeycomb and the Xoom tablet to the market, stating that this tablet will be the first device Honeycomb that it will be supported for Flash, which then will come pre-installed on several devices from other manufacturers.

Great news, that we learned thanks to David Salsero, for those who were considering whether to buy the Motorola Xoom and Adobe Flash was one of the points of discussion.

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