Fishing Skipping Techniques

When bass and Pike are hidden under a plant impenetrable Vault. Only the skipping can evict them…

This launch is a little tricky to master and requires regular training. It is to bounce his decoy repeatedly to the surface of the water before reaching his goal.

It’s a shot very shaving, whose usefulness is obvious in river and Lake, sometimes when we prospected boat an embankment lined with low foliage or to ship his decoy under a pontoon.

These positions inaccessible to ordinary fishermen often contain beautiful pieces which are shade and tranquility.

A set of handy spinning (throwing light and nervous of 1.80 to 2,10 m), a fine braid and a soft artificial bait (big worm in plastic, crayfish, slug or other fishing baits on Andrewfishing) is generally used.

Texan mounting little or no shot is almost essential as you throw in gaps of vegetation.

It is also possible to skipper a jig, especially if we add a big trailer, but it takes a little more practice.

We’re approaching a few meters of the obstacle, without alerting the fish. Low cane, scion near water, the banner is set very short.
A strong movement of the wrist, we do a grazing shot to the surface a little in front of the obstacle. The lure hits the water and skips at high speed. When the rebounds it amounts scarcely more than 10 cm of the surface, allowing it to pass under very low obstacles and go there to die several metres under a canopy, against the Bank, where stands the fish.

Remains to do bite and extract it in force, which is not least fun on this lightweight material.