Fine Tights

… And Nice Smooth Legs …

Fine tights and hairless legs simply belong together.Both together create a perfect combination, not just for the eye. It looks not only better, the pantyhose is also sitting better-the legs feel better.

Only Well-Groomed Legs Look Really Great…

Women have once again become better/easier. They have in principle much more beautiful legs. The advantage with women is that they generally do not have so many dark and long hair on their legs (apart from exceptions). In addition, a lot of women will bend their legs anyway and possibly even help with self-tanning. Therefore, many legs look even spring already gently tanned and pretty.

Women, however, often have a disadvantage: cellulitis and/or some swollen knees-these disorders in the connective tissue usually do not know men. Another problem can be varicose veins, which are also less common in men.

Of course, females look better in a direct comparison.Enthaart and in Feinstrumpfhose relativizes itself however again. Here a men’s leg can look at least as good.

Enthaarte legs are in any case sensible optical, no matter whether man or woman. Whoever, however, always hides his legs in long trousers or in opaque pantyhose, does not matter.

Enthaarte Legs Also In Men?

It may be a bit new, but advertising and industry have also taken up this issue. So it’s not just the legs to the hair, but also all other body hair-only smooth is chic. Anyone who still has doubts about whether men can remove their body hair should take a look at Veet .

What Are The Dehaired Legs?

According to indexdotcom, if a pantyhose is worn only under a long pants, so not open, then do not disturb the hair – it does not look any. However, if you wear a fine pantyhose also in skirts or shorts, you should always deal with the thought of removing your hair. -It is worthwhile in several respects.

Enthaarte Legs-

Look better

Feel better (especially when cuddling)

Increase the wearing comfort of a fine pantyhose

But also require a considerable amount of time and maintenance

This is not just a matter of visual reasons for dehaired legs.

Experience With Leg Depilation

Of course everyone would like to have smooth, smooth legs. In many cases, however, there is a lack of the necessary experience, or simply a drive, a desire for oneself. How do I set it, what is the best procedure, what do I have to consider? All of these are questions which (hopefully) can all be answered on the following pages.

This is not just about my own experiences, no, visitors also have the opportunity to speak and/or have their experiences through a feedback form.

All reports and comparisons are also about finding out the differences in the effect of women and men on problems and duration of use. Especially in the durability of the application one reads very different information.