Findings by the World

Today I inaugurate another category here on the b-log. From time to time we will have the “Findings by the World” made by people who also love Pan parts, places, websites etc and who live outside the country. The first guest is Carol Aquino, owner of the site must read Trend Menu. We met during the Fashion Rio a year ago and last season we met and we came up with the idea. I hope you like it.

For those who already know and enjoy Spain find out different stores every country that goes, I must have bumped into each other in any branch of Bimba & Lola. Yes, my first snatch a *found*, those that are impossible to be discovered unless you have given a certain indication. But I have found that are more famous and not so cease to be great. Bimba & Lola’s intention is to create special clothes for women ages 25-45 years and have a more personalized service, a bit rare for European bands. Prices are not the most friends-don’t expect to find dresses for less than 100 euros or blouses for under 60-but the quality is arguably superior. And Oh, it is noteworthy that in the “rebajas” they lower prices and everything is super. Accessories are a SideShow: handbags, shoes, scarves and bijoux steal the scene most of the time for having a super different and beautiful design. Now, what ever I love are the prints, produced exclusively for the brand. In fact, reminds me of the style of the Maria Bonita Extra, not only for printing but also for drawing the parts. I share with you some of the pieces I’ve acquired over the past years in

For those who are scheduled to travel Spain (or Portugal, France and some other countries around the globe!), I recommend to check the nearest address of Bimba & Lola (on site) and find great finds to call its! ”

(C) arol Agrawal is an economist and has lived in Barcelona for three and a half years. Currently works as a consultant for strategy and fashion trends to the Trend Menu. Writes about fashion for the Fashion Trendsetter website and b-log Trend Menu. Master’s degree in public policy from the University College London and holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Ibmec-RJ.