Female Skating Style with Trousers, Shorts and Sneakers

Today we are going to talk about a little bit about the female skater style, the girls who like men play the radical maneuvers on a skateboard, and deserve all the comfort and style when dressing, and that even being radical, they are women and They like to feel beautiful in any situation.

In a nutshell let’s tell you what you can use to look good in skater style.Look:

  1. The first thing you should keep in mind is comfort.So, if you wager on tighter pieces like t sihrts, sweatshirts, leggings, and street tennis, that’s fine!
  2. If you really want to get into everything in the skater universe, you can not stop betting on colorful sneakers, and if possible, better the high-top sneakers.
  3. The knee-highs are also skater girls’ things.And not to flatten the silhouette, just combine with a very short shorts.
  4. You need to have a cool hat too, you can not be a skater without having one in your head.Choose straight flap models and dare to abuse colors to ensure a more modern look.One tip is to combine with a colored jeans and a printed sweatshirt or a jacket.
  5. If you want to ensure a fashion look, try betting on a short high-cut, rip-cut shorts or destroyed, pocket-popping shorts.Match with a t-shirt.And if you want an even more feminine touch, make a little sweater on the shirt and customize your shorts, it will look beautiful!
  6. If you want to give an increment in the visual, bet on accessories like headbands, scarves, hats, caps, that are perfect for a street style.
  7. The chess shirt also combined with a pair of jeans shorts and is perfect for a skater style.

Looks cool and urban you’re going to love

Image 1- Visualized for the girls who appreciate the radical sport with the skateboard, bringing very modern and stylish looks for the day to day.

With legging pants

Image 2- Four very cool looks with leggings, T-shirts and cropped combining with the disco pants that have been very successful, not counting the cap with straight flap giving a touch more.

With plaid shirt

Image 3 – The plaid shirt is one of the most used pieces in skateboard fashion, where they use either open with a little regatinha under or closed, wearing jeans or shorts.

Image 4- Three looks very fashionable used by actress Tayla Ayala in itypejob, with shorts boyfriend model and jeans, two looks very well composed.

Image 5 – The fashion skater brings comfortable pieces so you can practice the sport with more comfort and safety, pants, shorts in the most varied models are indispensable.

Picture 6 – Three stylish looks of skater fashion bringing cool and comfortable pieces for those who enjoy this fashion.

Jeans shorts

Image 7- For the summer, fashion brings shorts in the most varied models, boyfriend, hot pant, are the models that stand out most.

Image 8- Look modern, wearing a very short jeans shorts with a cropped numbers print and a well-off jacket.

Image 9- In the feet girls love the Vans, All Star and Nike shoes, models appropriate to this fashion bring even more style to the look.

Image 10 – Look very comfortable and appropriate to this fashion, where it features a black leggind with a stylish t-shirt tied around the waist, a modern coturno and a straight flap cap finalizing with style.

How to Be a Modern Skater Girl

  1. Choose a good skateboard.
  2. Have all the safety equipment.
  3. Use specific and good sneakers that ensure skateboard grip.
  4. Take it easy until you learn well.
  5. Learn the ollie, an essential maneuver.
  6. Meet people who skate.
  7. Be humble.
  8. Learn the name of all the components of the skateboard.
  9. Learn to master basic movements.
  • Do not be afraid to fall.
  • You may be dressed as a skater, but you do not have to invest in expensive brands like Hot Topic, for example.You can invest in something of quality, beautiful and cheap.
  • Prefer a make as natural as possible and nothing loaded.
  • If you think you are very good at skateboarding, think about looking for a sponsor.
  • Discover what kind of skateboarder you are, whether freestile, who creates your own maneuvers, street, which is expert in saltose grinds, or is vertical, of the type that does acrobatics on ramps, or cruising that focuses on locomotion and speed, but with fewer maneuvers.

With straight flap cap

Image 11- For warmer days jeans shorts are a good request, bringing several models to wear with T-shirts, croppeds, well-styled plaid shirts.

Image 12- The T-shirts are much used in the feminine skater fashion, bringing well-shaped prints, a comfortable piece for those who enjoy this fashion.

Image 13- A very stylish and modern look, with a shorts with a shredded bar and a loose-fitting tank top.

Image 14- A very modern feminine t-shirt and jeans shorts that bring a look very comfortable and suitable for those who practice this sport.

Picture 15 – jeans jackets, collegiate models, jackets and leather jackets are the most used by this style, where they combine with shorts, pants and also dresses.

Image 16- A very stylish racing with neckline in combination with a black leggings and a sneakers style model vans.

Image 17 – A very modern flowery pants, combining with a well-off shirt, finishing with sneakers well suited to the sport.

Image 18- This fashion left the time to have the male footprint, making a new style for women’s fashion, with well-shaped pieces and looks very stylish.

Image 19- An important feature for skateboarding is comfort, because of this the fashion brings comfortable and well-styled pieces.

Image 20- Jeans shorts are a good request for hot days, another fashionable detail is the knee-high.


Image 21- Four more inspiring looks of the actress Tayla where it brings well detached and comfortable pieces, coming into fashion with style.

Image 22- The blouse tied around the waist is a great reference for this fashion, where here she wears a shorts jeans very short and a little regatinha more loose.

Image 23- Two looks for the day to day bringing well-styled pieces creating a cool look and very modern.

Image 24 – A cool look where it brings a flowery shorts with a white T-shirt, finishing with a low tennis shoes and a very stylish cap.

Picture 25 – Visual very stylish, wearing a printed jean shorts with a cropped more solitary ending with a sneakers vans.

Image 26- A modern denim shorts with a crisp pink crooped ending with an all star sneaker for a comfortable look and well taken off.

Image 27- The skater fashion has attracted many young women, because it is a fashion that brings style and a lot of personality when it comes to composing the look.

Image 28- Various modern looks bringing leggings, shorts and jeans in the most varied models composing the look with a lot of style charm.

Image 29- The chess is a stamp that comes out in fashion skater, bringing the print on the shirts, and coats well off with a lot of charm and style for the look.

Image 30- Well, here you have some cool tips to become a successful skater, and do not need much.And finally, be authentic and let people find out for themselves that you’re a skater, okay?