Feedly out of the Air and Hackers Ask for Money to Close DDoS Attack

If you are unable to access the Feedly, know that the problem is not your connection. The feed aggregator that has won many users after the death of Google Reader is suffering a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) attacks, where criminals make multiple requests to congest the servers. The Feedly commented officially on Wednesday (11) and said that those responsible for the attack are trying to extort money.

The Feedly says that despite the criminals are asking for money to stop the DDoS attack, the company does not intend to give in to pressure and try to mitigate the problem the best way possible. There are other services affected by the same group, and feed aggregator is working with the authorities to solve the case.

In a statement, Feedly says access will be free to all so the attack is neutralized and declares that users’ data is secure. This is even more important now that the Feedly handles credit cards: the service has a paid plan for $ 5 per month, Feedly Pro, which provides access to some additional features such as secure connection and search for items.

Unfortunately, the practice of attack and extort money services is quite common, and many companies prefer to simply pay to avoid losing even more money. One of the recent victims was the Basecamp, which develops the popular eponymous project manager. Just as Feedly, Basecamp also decided not to pay anything to hackers.

At 10:25, the Brasilia time, the Feedly announced that it is making infrastructure changes to try to put the service in the air. The forecast is that the instability takes a few hours.