Fashionable Eyebrow Shapes

Eyebrows Man: how to make them and fashionable shapes.Are some of the most popular questions of those who care its image almost obsessively. In recent years, the cosmetic industry – initially considered almost exclusively to women, or at least homosexuals – has made ​​more and more adherents even among heterosexual men, especially in big cities.

The obsession with physical perfection has indeed plagued too many of the exponents of the “male sex”, even complicit in the new aesthetic proposed by fashion, that helped launch the myth of man “masculine but well cared for.”In fact by clearing practices such as male waxing, the intimate hair removal, the use of creams and lotions for the skin and, in fact, the practice of make up your eyebrows.


The so-called man metrosexual short, is no longer considered a sub-category strange, but it is slowly emerging as the standard reference paradigm for all those who want to be considered in line with today’s stylistic canons. And to achieve that goal, you can not have eyebrows in disorder. In no way whatsoever.

However, if some of these practices may require external support (such as waxing: it is rather difficult to have it for themselves, not to say prohibitive talking about areas such as the back), make up the eyebrows is something that can be done comfortably without saying; only takes a minimum of foresight and dexterity. That’s how.


Normally, if you are a beginner with the care of the eyebrows, it would be appropriate to consult a beautician. At least for the “first time”. Nowadays, moreover, the beauty salons can boast nourished male customers, so do not worry: even as you enter, you can feel easily at home. If you delete the unwanted hair and redefined the contours of eyebrows, you will have the advantage of seeing with your own eyes what areas touch and which are not. It is an important indicator to go by you “maintenance” at regular intervals, after checking works as an expert hand.

The most sensitive area to tap in aesthetic terms is usually the central, ie by aiming to form the classic how terrible “monociglio effect”: choose a suitable pair of tweezers (to work well, otherwise triplicherete pain, very irriterete skin and you will have results worst), and started to remove all the hairs needed until the eyebrows will not appear well-spaced from each other. As for the definition of contours instead, if your eyebrows are especially bushy it may be a good idea to resort to scissors and comb , so spuntarle properly without major worries.

Before you start the whole procedure is always wise to make a nice warm bath or shower: just as it does for the preliminaries of shaving, even to make up your eyebrows should soften the hair and skin. The next step is to practice a exfoliating scrub on the affected area, followed by a warm compress to make the surface where you will go to work even more tender.At that point you can continue starting with the cutting of the eyebrows.

Using a comb, move them upwards curandovi to go inside (ie from the area at the nose) to the outside, then cut hair from above the natural line of the eyebrows. Wanting to stick to standard measurements, the lines to consider for redefining the eyebrows are the line of the nostrils, and the outer corner (in essence, the eyebrows should be long from the line delimiting the upper part of the nostrils, until ‘outer corner). At this point you can intervene with the tweezers, plucking the hairs under the arch of the eyebrows and annoying outer hairs (ie those far away).

The last paragraph deals with forms: not just choose those fashionable, it is necessary that you adapt well to your face. Among those who have an oblong face, that is very long and thin with high forehead and chin pronounced, the flat shape is the one that is the most popular. The round shape is preferable for men with broad forehead and eyes rather distant from each other;However, this solution is rather out of fashion, so if we do not see well with the flat eyebrows, you can lean towards the angled shape. The angled form is the one that is the most popular, and is created accentuating the downward angle that “breaks” the eyebrow.

For a good care of the eyebrows remember to not over-Shave, or your eyes will risk losing intensity; Moreover, not always in man bushy eyebrows are ugly, indeed. The end result of the eyebrows care must not be to assottigliarle as possible as women, but to fit the best to your features. So no to artificial geometries (such as the infamous “gull-wing”), so instead the well-groomed masculinity, yet spontaneous and natural. You can learn more via