Fashion: Sunglasses with Yellow Lens

If you have a strong tendency of glasses for this season, is definitely the sunglasses with yellow lens -super clear and transparent, you can see your eyes through the lens. The trend was highlighted a year ago in the MIDO Optical Fairin Milan–the glasses fair more recognized in the world! In other words, it’s time to forget about the little black dress, frosted lenses and the mirror–the super of the time is that transparent!


On the runway, she was the trick of styling perfect for highlighting makeup, after all, you can see your eyes through the lens and, at the same time, leave the productions look cool and sporty. The classic model of sunglasses is the round, super stretch, with double bridge, but the rayban is also perfect!

It wasn’t long before, in the same fashion week, several influenciadoras to place bets on the model just out of walkways. However, as it was different at the time, super wasn’t everyone who bet. The trend was strong even in the Coachella and now at the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere. Even Dkny Ships and Camila Coutinho already bet–hers is from Forever 21, so the hint of comprinha Roadster to be trendy!

The yellow lens is the color of the time, but we must not forget that the trend itself are the clear and transparent lenses. I’ve seen some fashionistas betting on versions in pink and blue-are super 90 years-and can be a way for you to fit in with the trend before betting on the yellowing, huh?!