Fashion For Ladies In 50 Years

The 50 is the new 30. Today, women who are part of the team “the cinquentinhas”, must not anything in terms of force to younger women; are increasingly beautiful, healthy and active so let’s take some fashion tips for women of 50 years. To accompany this revolution, the sets also had to adapt to them. Creating, rather than austere pieces, monotonous or overly large, a bolder clothing, fashion and structured (since the 50-year-olds of today are usually present a great way). To learn how to get the best fashion, learn the tips and enjoy your 50 years, always beautiful and elegant.
-Choose pieces that end at the knees: knee, this is the perfect length for skirts and dresses. The measure, attached to waist high, disguise thick thighs and stretches the silhouette. To be long torso, let the neck showing with halter tops and v-neck.
-Dry Modeling: in addition to cuts that mark the waist, models that extend from the bust. They disguise protruding belly and wide hips. With shoes in skin tone “lengthen” and fine-tune your legs.
-Check the belt. To let it set. Opt for wide belts, especially when using the attachment, as well as finish covering broad hips, breaking, still leaves a lot more feminine silhouette.
-If you want to raise or increase the bust, invest in blouses that have different collars, buttons, ribbons, ruffles and draping models. Who value the shoulders, as the models front only.
-Leave a little color combinations side, though, cause the dreaded “reamer” expanding the areas where you want to decrease. Instead, bet on sophisticated monochrome productions.
-Opt for classic-looking pants and always smooth in front, without folds or pockets, not to assign more volume in the area of the belly and hips. Prefer the straight cutting or pantaloons.
– With regard to shoes, fall well, high boots, pointy shoes, with low, medium and high, beyond creeping with details that can be precious stones or sparkles.
-The skirts that look better on women of 50, are pencil skirts, evasée and Tulip (or Spanish) knee length. Prefer dresses and blouses also adjusted and cutting with the shoulders defined, to elongate the silhouette.
Check out some pictures with looks of fashion for ladies in 50 years and be inspired!