Fall of the Eyelashes, Tips and Remedies to Avoid

The Cilia are the hallmark of the eyes, accentuate the look and make the makeup look much more impressive. Curved, thick, long lashes are something desired by all women, but that the search for them is that they end up creating the opposite effect. On the other hand, form a shield against particles and sunlight.

The loss of eyelashes can be a serious problem, and in this article we comment on the reasons for that and the ways to prevent that from happening.

Hair loss all over the body’s normal, including the eyelashes, and should not be cause for concern when it happens naturally. In most cases, the eyelashes grow back in the same hair follicle where old hair jumps.

But the excessive loss of eyelashes is not normal and may be related to the type of mascara that is being used, as well as with health problems and allergies.

A common factor that promotes the loss of eyelashes is the mascara waterproof. It takes a greater effort to remove this type of mascara makes your lashes fall off in the process. When you’re allergic to cosmetics is also possible loss of eyelashes, in this case, you must change for hypoallergenic products.

Stress, nutritional deficiencies and hypothyroidism can also cause loss of eyelashes. Other reasons are the aging, excessive eye rubbing due to allergies, hormonal imbalances and the chemotherapy treatment.

Home remedies for thinning eyelashes

Always remove the mascara when you go to sleep using a mild makeup remover, designed specifically to remove eye makeup. Apply the product with a cotton ball and remove the mascara smoothly since the eyelid up down without rubbing and in the vertical direction.

After removing the mascara apply Eyelash Conditioner to nourish and stimulate your growth. Can be a cosmetic product designed for this purpose, but also a little castor oil.

Try not to overreact to the eyelash curler and don’t apply too tightly; the time of pressure should not exceed 10 to 20 seconds, to avoid damaging the Cilia. It is worth mentioning that if possible you avoid your use, is much better.

Avoid using old makeup products and always keep the control over how long has it been since you got your beauty products, especially eye makeup.