Fack Ju Goethe 2: Adventure of the Whole Family

With “Fack ju Goethe”, Constantin Film scored a surprise success, which was the most successful German-language movie 2013 with over seven million visitors. Now follows the sequel “Fack ju 2 Goethe”, which was launched on 10 September 2015 in German cinemas and ensures fun for old fans and newcomers. The film will be released on February 25, 2016, on DVD and BluRay via Constantin/universal.

The well-known chaos class 10B travels with her teacher Zeki Müller (Elyas M ‘ barek) on a school trip to Thailand. Originally, this should take place, since Director Gerster (Katja Reimann) wants to improve the image of their school and on this occasion would like to compete for the partner school in Thailand renowned Schiller grammar school. But ex-small-time Zeki drives a different reason in the warm South-East Asia: in the tank of his car a former accomplice hidden diamonds worth tens of thousands of euros. With the ulterior motives, his job as promptly terminate teachers, hiding the loot home into a stuffed animal. This is inserted into a donation container of Schiller high school but shortly afterwards by his friend and colleague, Lisi Schnabelstedt (Karoline Herfurth). Arrived in the competitive school, Zeki learns that donations are already on the way to Thailand. So, Zeki makes with his chaos students Chantal (Jella Haase), danger (Max von der Groeben) and Zeynep (Gandhi Edward) on the way. But arrived in Thailand, the first adventure that are much more than just search for Zekis prey begin.

If you like the first part of “Fack ju Goethe”, which will be thrilled by the continuation. The cast is Bora Dagtekin in many known faces of the German theater scene and many newcomers who have demonstrated their talent. In addition to the acting services of the actor shines also the fabulous scenery with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and tropical landscapes of Thailand. Raj M ‘ barek, Jella Haase and Karoline Herfurth play again the main roles. Much like in part one, the second part is a colorful mix of youthful recklessness, pedagogies, sassy dialogues and a lot of fun.