Facebook Sues Mark Zuckerberg “Generic”

The Facebook, who would say, is suing Mark Zuckerberg, which in turn is suing back service. And no, the legal department of the social network was not crazy and so little this is another sign of the end times. In fact Mark Zuckerberg in question is an Israeli who, before changing his name legally to the same owner of Facebook, attended by Rotem Guez.

According to Reuters, in early November Guez changed his name in the courts of his home country to promote called “The Like Store” service that helps users and companies to increase their numbers of “Likes” in Mark Zuckerberg’s site (the original).

According to Facebook, offer a system to increase the number of Likes artificial way goes against its terms of service. Thus, social network filed a lawsuit against the Like Store in the courts, who promptly fired back with a lawsuit that claims it has the right to offer their “product” for the network.

In its official website Guez, Mark Zuckerberg generic, gives details about your name change and speak briefly about the process he got himself into. In time, Facebook apparently is not even there with the name currently used by Guez, but want it to stop selling your service.