Facebook Creates Specification to Talk to Each Other Apps

Facebook is eyeing the developers. Want to please them to be not just a social network, but a present platform on all mobile devices. To solve a number of problems, the company announced an interesting initiative which aims to make applications mobile /tablet talk to each other. The App links were launched with the support of a bunch of interneteiras companies, including Dropbox, Spotify, Pinterest and Hulu.

The App links based on the assumption the address of a page (URL) may contain elements that feed an application on mobile devices. The Co.Design set a good example: it is not possible to use a Groupon discount coupon directly at your favorite restaurant, listed on Yelp (yesterday we talked the new threat to the service: the new Foursquare, now without the check-in button).

Programmers can add the elements directly in the page header. Thus, it triggers the application to run on mobile devices, with exactly that information that the citizen was trying to link.

Currently has no way to open a link that automatically open the CNN app, already in the history recommended by a friend on Facebook, without resorting to hacks. The App Links resolve the issue. Share a particular episode of a series through Hulu? Again, the technology will allow the application to read the link and automatically open the content in question.

At that Facebook explained, the technology works on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. In the system of Apple, the URL can determine exactly which application should display the information. WP works the same way. In the Android, you need to work with filters known as Intents. Speaking of good general way, Android allows multiple applications toopen the same set of information. Therefore, the programmer has to take care that the App Link specifically list which app should run.

Next step: kill the browser. After all, would to move from one application to another without the need for such a software.

The documentation for App Links is a site dedicated to the initiative. If you are developer, go there to know the technology, and then be sure to return to this our site to pass their first impressions on the subject.

Links facing applications were released as open source (open source). Anyone can use without having to ask permission.

During the F8 conference also announced the anonymous login. In short, the cell phone owner can authenticate an application through Facebook account, even without going over your personal information.