Facebook Back in Time and Experience with Status Messages

Who was already on the Internet at the time she was dialed probably remember a fairly common option in instant messengers: the status message. The deceased had MSN, ICQ still have old and even today the Skype also keeps this option with the name of “mood” in the settings. The next to join this “new” with only a few decades of delay, was Facebook.

This week the social network began a trial with users from Australia and Taiwan in the main application will show a different side bar where they may include status messages. These messages will be displayed along with the name in the chat option from the contact list on the web and Facebook application Messenger for 12 continuous hours before disappearing. There is also an option to choose who can view the messages, which shows that Facebook learned a great deal with the privacy issues that had over the years.

Status messages can be customized already preset by Facebook as “going to work”, “cooking a cake” or “working out”, although I think the most used in Brazil would be “stuck in traffic” and “watching a game “. Along these messages there is also an option to include an icon that is related to it, which is displayed opposite the avatar. This option should not be confused with the “mood” which is included in the posts of users, it is only displayed in the chat.

As is usual, the user testing groups do not indicate that the feature will be widely adopted for all. It depends largely on the volume of adoption of new. I imagine that if we were still in 2002 it would be widely welcomed by all, but I confess that today I am in doubt whether it is something that will have an impact enough to turn a globally available functionality.