Facebook Active Share in Mobile Applications

An update to the application Facebook for Android and iOS was released yesterday and brought a tiny but quite expected news: Sharing the news feed items. Although the mobile version of the site already have the option for some time, only now the mobile systems applications were treated with this functionality.

The major overhaul of mobile applications social network began in August when the application version for iOS was restructured to set aside the HTML5 that used until then and become native, using only the iOS SDK elements. Shortly after, with a half effort that forced Facebook, the Android app has also been improved.

It is strange that Facebook, which tries to make users to share as much information as possible, you forgot that mobile platforms are used by a large portion of them (at least that’s what they say the documents submitted to the SEC) and should replicate the same features from the website. The sharing is an essential feature too much to be left out – fortunately was not left any longer.

In addition to sharing the news feed items, the applications also bring the option of taguear friends Comments (iOS) and the option to create a direct photo album of the photo page (on Android). Those interested, updates are free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store.

Update at 17:15 | As some readers noted, the iOS app does not display the option to share items when the system is in Portuguese. Unless it opens the iPad, which is strange. We contacted Facebook to see if support for the Portuguese will be added soon or if it’s just a failure and will update as soon as a response is received.