Every Third Sold Smartphone is A Phablet

Great smartphones are in! Any third party who is buying a new smartphone, opts for a Phablet – a Smartphone with a diagonal between five and seven inches.

Also the Asians look like on big screens that sold 43 percent of all smartphones that go over the counter, even more Phablets in the Asian region. Best selling the Phablets from the world market leader Samsung: overall, 44 percent of all phones sold with 5 inch screen size come from Samsung. When the Smartphones with a display size of more than 5.5 inches, there are even 53 percent, produced by Samsung. 47 percent of the phones, which cost more than $ 500, have a screen diagonal of 5 inches and more. And from the 53 percent who still stand, Apple’s iPhone makes up 87 percent.

According to analysts, the most Smartphone buyers today want a device with a large display. Worldwide 279.4 million smartphones were sold in the first quarter of 2014 – 29 per cent more compared to the same quarter last year. Four out of five of the smartphones sold were equipped with the Android operating system. Most smartphones will be sold in China, China accounts for 35 percent of the global smartphone market. In the first quarter of 2014, 97.5 million smartphones were sold in China.

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