Ethnic Print Dresses Plus Size for Summer 2016

I was beautiful in this dress! You will be, too! He dresses up to size 52.

Hello girls, how are you?

I loved this pattern when I ran into this plus size dress in a store here in São Paulo. It’s a pattern that will continue ethnic super high on plus size fashion summer 2016. The model is wonderful, wears very well and the material’s quality. The fit was perfect on me.

The raw material that the Three Seven used this dress is the piquet’s. I loved using this material. In addition to dress well, without scoring the chubbiness, it helps to soften our curves, is light and fluffy and brings a touch of sophistication to the piece.

Note that the template is using a jump with the dress that still continues with a good length. The jump give a touch of femininity and elegance. This dress is perfect for the desktop and also to emendarmos in a happy hour with friends.

He takes a liner on the bottom to avoid transparency. But stay quiet, because even with the lining skirt is bulky, on the contrary, this model is ideal for fatties who have very hip. Will be beautiful and disguise a little size.

Run, girls, because there are few pieces in the store – Then tell me how was your experience at work and happy hour.

I’ll be back with more tips on plus size clothes for you!