Essence Nail Care Pencil

The nail care pen of essence with Aloe Vera and natural nourishing oils accompanied me everywhere for six years. Of course not accurate – this is about my tenth.

I use during the day don’t like hand cream, because I don’t like to take off my rings to the cream not to lose them, and because I don’t like the feeling of the cream on the hands, if I want to feel something then. Therefore, I use hand creams at most times in the evening on the couch. Since I take then like the L’Occitane Shea or the Calendula hand balm of Dr. Scheller. Otherwise get finger and hand tops well without extra care. Only the cuticles needs some more care with me.

The dry sound of nail care, I take this nail care pen. He was shortly to Budni from the program and was replaced by a fun product with brush. Luckily he came back quickly in the shops. After the first Hamsterkäufen, I buy him yet again only if necessary. I’m wearing on him always on the skins of the nail, if I go out of the House and sometimes also in between after washing your hands with aggressive SOAP. Since then my cuticles is much nicer and hardly blow it up. So, my nails have always a clean natural look. I’ve used the pen in the photo with essie chubby cheeks.

How can you care for your hands?