Edge Galaxy S6 And S6: Android 5.1 Brings RAW Support And More ISO-Values

First copies of the Samsung Galaxy S6 received since mid-June and the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge your update on Android 5.1. At first, it looked as if so but still not all previously expected improvements would take hold, but we know better: how SamMobile reported, some included features such as, for example, the recording in the RAW format as well and just well hidden.

Edge Galaxy S6 And S6 Android 5.1 Brings RAW Support And More ISO-Values

Who the update with Android 5.1 on its Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge installed, which may save his photos in the raw data format of RAW. This should look especially those that want to further process your images. In addition you will receive but also the ability to set a lower ISO value than before the update. ProFi mode the camera app of the S6 of the Galaxy and the Galaxy S6 edge was previously possible, after all, set a value of 100. Thanks to Android 5.1, you can pretend now even an ISO value of 50.

Blog reference: http://www.electronicsmatter.com/vaio-unveils-first-android-smartphone.html

Features Are Not Yet Arrived In The Camera App

Samsung was actually hiding the new features. It’s just that know nothing about the new opportunities the pre-installed camera app. It starts the default camera application of your Galaxy S6 so after the update to Android 5.1 or Galaxy S6 edge, you will neither the option for RAW pictures the the ISO value of 50 see. But this has a simple reason.

As already in early May reported the new possibilities for the operation based in the Galaxy S6 camera and edge model on the Advanced camera interface in Android 5.1. Because Google is now more space, features such as the RAW image are now available. To use the features, your camera app but also to this circumstance must be adapted – and here Samsung is apparently still somewhat behind. A problem is not that but truly, for use you can advanced features simply by you download a matching camera app of third party from the play store. If you don’t like this, can’t wait of course, Samsung to adapts its camera app on the new events.