Eco Friendly Bedroom Ideas

Dear new mothers, grandmothers, aunts (like me), bis, tris mom … you the stork is going to knock on the door?

The arrival of a handsome baby always brings a breath of fresh air into the House. And so as not to think about reorganizing the spaces and/or a crearne new? Because, you know, when comes a small creature, it is essential to think about the nest which will host it until soar. Prepare your room however is not that easy and obvious.

It is essential for the growth of the child that the place where a lot of his time is healthy, cozy and practical , too.

I started reading up on the net looking for new ideas, accouterments, mode to create a beautiful baby-friendly room.
During my journey to “the perfect bedroom”, I finally landed on the site A Green Mom, mom expert in ecology and world green in General, who in his blog, as well as giving some great eco solutions, explains very well what pitfalls you can hide inside the common products to paint or decorate the nursery.

Color the little Chamber

Thanks to you I discovered the existence ofindoor pollution, something which rarely speaks, but which unfortunately exist. Have you ever wondered what really contain and how they act paints, building materials and finishes, detergents, wax and much more? Many of these products have as characteristic evaporation and absorption of certain substances for nothing, they release into the air what are called VOCS or VOC than English, i.e. the so-called Flying organic compounds, indoors, where there is a continuous air exchange can reach higher levels.

In particular, these compounds produce chemical reactions that are more intense at the beginning, just after using the product, and gradually decreases with time. But that still pollute the environment where we live and, in the long run, can cause allergies and skin irritations.

But we must not despair, because there are many on the market for greener products and alternative to work around the problem. Here are some solutions I’ve found and others that Green Mom suggested:

  • Water-based paints, paint thinner, precisely, the water and hence reduce almost completely solvent emissions, nnorilasciando in the environment almost exclusively water vapor.The paintings of this kind, have a low environmental impact and are odorless and flammable. In line with this type of product, there are also those in the treatment of wood for wood floors and attics.
  • Bio-colors, which are made withnatural pigments and water. This type of colors are very bright and have nice bright colors. In addition allow us to create gradients and shadows without adding special additives.

Attention also to substances like formaldehyde, toxic pigments, adjuvants, ect.

If the House wall is already painted, rather than repaint it, we can use the decorations for the walls. There are products such as stencil, tempera, or stickers/sticker for walls.

Now that the problem of painting is resolved, I wait for the next post of on furniture! Stay Tune!