Dvr Intelbras: 5 Indispensable Equipment in Your Cctv System

If you are looking for a Stand Alone to compose your CCTV system, we have made one with the products of Intelbras, leader in the segment, followed by an analysis bringing the main characteristics of each product.

There are options for all budgets and different types of projects. Check it out next.

1. Intelbras MDHX 1004 DVR

The Intelbras MDHX 1004 DVR is a perfect digital recorder for small to mid-sized CCTV projects.

This is because, in addition to having 4 channels, this product supports the other technologies used in the market.

With support for AHD, IP, analog and HDTVI cameras, the MDHX 1004 becomes an excellent stand-alone Alone Cost-Benefit.

With 1080N technology, the Intelbras MDHX 1004 DVR can reproduce and transmit images in HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p), which will ensure more detail and sharpness for your images.

Usage tips: The MDHX 1004 dvr is suitable for anyone who is looking for a powerful, quality Stand Alone at an affordable price.

This product is suitable for small to mid-sized projects. It has a simplified configuration and installation, which guarantees the operation even by those who had no prior contact with this type of technology.

By having support for all the security cameras on the market via CraftinLearning, it is ideal for those who want to upgrade their security system.

It has Auto Sense technology, which allows the Stand Alone to make the necessary adjustments to optimize the results of the obtained images, automatically.

2. Intelbras MDHX 1008 DVR

Like Intel’s new Stand Alone line products, the MDHX 1008 also offers support for cameras that use the following technologies: IP, analog, AHD and HDTVI.

This product records in HD, with images displaying a resolution of 720p.

The videos are also in HD quality, with a frame rate of 15 frames per second, which ensures smoothness and clarity in the videos being streamed.

In addition, the product has simplified configuration, where it will be possible to gain access to the images of your security system remotely  and the configuration of your Stand Alone with just a few clicks.

Usage tips: The Intelbras MDHX 1008 DVR is suitable for homes and businesses of all sizes.

Its use is simple and to get quick access to the images, just go to the application store on your smart phone, download the application from Intelbras and read the QR code.

It has a virtual matrix where you can export the files in .AVI, which will allow the reproduction of videos on any Windows computer.

3. Intelbras MDHX 1016 DVR

With 5-in-1 technology, the Intelbras MDHX 1016 DVRsupports the most varied technologies on the market.

This means that this digital recorder supports IP, analog, AHD and HDTVI cameras , which impacts the final price of the investment, bringing more discount to the user.

By having 16 channels and a series of cutting-edge technologies, this Stand Alone is suitable for medium to large-sized CCTV projects and is recommended for companies of all sizes.

It is easy to install, has an excellent cost-benefit and a number of features that will bring more security to your CCTV system.

Usage tips: Its use is very simple.

After connecting the network cable to Stand Alone, the user must download the iSIC 6.1 Intelbras application and scan the QR code for instant access to the images and the cameras.

Through the virtual matrix, it will be possible to configure the cameras and the backgrounds.All this with the simplicity of a few touches / clicks.

4. DVR Intelbras TrÍBido 3016 G2

Like other 3000 Series products, theIntelbras Tríbido 3016 DVR is a rugged digital recorder that transmits and plays back images at maximum quality.

It has Tríbida technology, being able to record and reproduce images in the following technologies: analog, HDCVI and IP.

Perfect for CCTV projects of all sizes, both residential and business.

Through Intelbras iSIC 6 for smartphones and Intelbras SIM Plus for personal computers, you can have quick access to the images and cameras used in your Stand Alone.

Anywhere in the moment and at any time that the user wants.

Usage tips: Through the Intelbras Cloud, the user can configure the Intelbras 3116 dvr very easily.

After downloading the iSIC 6 application and installing it on your smartphone, the user must connect the network cable to the digital recorder.

Once this is done, you will need to open the application and read the QR code.

Soon, in a few seconds you will be able to access the images and the cameras of your security system.

5. DVR Intelbras TrÍBido HDCVI 1032

The Stand Alone Tríbido Intelbras HDCVI 1032 is a powerful digital recorder that, besides presenting technologies and a state-of-the-art system, still counts on the portability for analog cables, representing a great saving for those who want an Stand Alone with the quality Intelbras.

In addition, this model also features Tríbida technology, which offers support for IP, analog and HDCVI cameras, ensuring more flexibility for your CCTV system.

Usage tips: The HDCVI 1032 is especially suitable for businesses and homes of all sizes.

It is simple to use, simply download the application and install the network cable in the device.

With a few clicks, the user is already accessing the images, can configure the security cameras and adjust the backgrounds with just a few touches and clicks.

Intelbras DVR – Conclusion For The Reader

Choosing the best type of DVR is not always an easy task. It will vary everything according to your project or what you hope to achieve.

Some record and play back in 720P (which is enough) and others in 1080P (which is great).

These stand alones are the best options for you to mount your CCTV system or that of your customers.

I hope this guide has helped you a lot. If you have any questions, leave your comment below.