Duffle Backpack: A Backpack 6:00 Pm 1 Leather

I think it was Steve Jobs who said people don’t know what they want, you have to show for them. Well, now I know: I want a bag of Wool & 1 6:00 pm Oak! In fact, it’s amazing to note that nobody had this idea before, after all, she’s not the most complicated.

This is a product aimed at the urban man, but who may need to travel and will be away for a few days. The features of this backpack/duffle may well cover the needs of a day’s work or provide space for clothes who planned to stay a few days out of town.

Here thesciencetutor offers a video demonstrating the product.

You have 4 options, everything will depend on your needs:

The Pro

The Basic module, called The Pro consists of a little bulky backpack, but with plenty of class and style, as well as well-designed compartments to take their day to day objects such as notebook, tablet, magazines, books, keys, glasses and stationery items such as pencils, pens and paper. As she is very compact can use it on your back all the time, unlike those mochilões that even empty occupy much space and forces you to put them on the floor of the subway, for example. Another advantage is that there is the option of taking their handles and carry it in your hand as a suitcase. Price: $175.

The Weekender Set

We’ve got a kit that consists of the previous product plus a duffel bag, and the two can be attached allowing upload them on the back for a weekend trip. It is important to highlight the creation of the combos do not preclude the use of the smaller backpack, you can enjoy almost any space! And if you want to use the two separate, just put a background on duffle bag using the same zipper to attach it the backpack Pro. Price: $280.

The Overnighter Set

Transforms the compact backpack in a more spacious model that can bring a change of clothes if you go spend a night out or have planned a visit to the gym. It is also very helpful for those who have to carry several bulky objects during the day, such as catalogs and books. Price: $265

The Voyager Set

This kit combines all models and allows a longer trip with minimal luggage: a duffle bag and a backpack. As additional in this configuration we have also a toiletry bag/travel wallet, travel pouch “, serving to load small objects like keys, glasses, combs, etc. price: $375.


The bags are leather on the outside and on the inside, but there is also a version in canvas that doesn’t quite have the same visual appeal, but it’s still cool. The pictures, the finish seems very well done, with precise stitching and hardware made of metal.

The project was picking up resources (read: money) on Kickstarter, but it is possible to make your order, because the goal was 30,000 dollars and they got the amazing $889,425.