Duel of the Mobile Generation

Who needs a phone in the spring, often faces a difficult decision: should he buy a slightly older model now, or is it worth to wait for the successor? We compare the current models with the news.

When the 3GSM World Congress and CeBIT have run in April, the mobile phone maker first insert a breathing space. It is now to bring the new models in the stores have announced at the trade fairs.

A difficult time for the buyers: Should he buy now a tasteful Nokia N71 or would rather wait for the fancier N76? Is the Sony Ericsson K800i the camera phone of choice or the successor K810i offers so much added value, that patience pays off? Should fast surfers get the Motorola MOTORAZR maxx V6 in the shopping cart or waiting for the Z8?

Nokia N93i Or N95?

The N93i offers multimedia and data functions tired, but the N95 is another one on it.

Nokia N93i
The corpulent N93i playing far forward in our mobile leaderboard. I like especially with its 3-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Optics and video recording in VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels). In addition, the device offers modern phone features, as well as Wi-Fi, UMTS, and various Office functions.

Nokia N95
Our current number 1: The N95 comes with 5 megapixels, GPS navigation, fast data downloads via HSDPA, many phone and multimedia features, as well as a practical double-slider. It is also more compact than the chunky N93i. It should come in the next few weeks in the stores.

Buy? Wait?
Sure, the N93 is a convincingly equipped camera phone. As an ambitious mobile photographer and friend of the GPS navigation via mobile phone you should be patient but, until the N95 in the shops. It provides more easily. Only exception: unwavering fans of real camcorder handling that you get only when the N93i.

Nokia N71 N76?

Clamshell phones among themselves. The most important difference: The N76 will be much slimmer than the chubby N71.

Nokia N71
UMTS, 2-megapixel camera, music player, good phone features: The N71 offers the range of N-series phones. That was enough until recently for a top ranking 10, although Nokia had renounced on W-LAN and the N71 handling mature proved not quite. The buttons recessed deep in the case for example make difficult typing.

Nokia N76
Nokia has recognized the trend toward thin casings and the technique of the N76 in a 14 mm flat and folding housing plugged. The N71, however, measures whopping 26 mm in depth. The equipment, Nokia has changed little. Also find the user UMTS for fast data transfers, as well as a 2-megapixel camera and a music player.

Buy? Wait?
Anyone looking for a reasonably equipped smartphone in the clamshell case, the inexpensive N71 enough always on the. Esthetes, however, then we recommend the N76.

Nokia 9300i, E90?

Nokia’s legendary Communicator series is atop the wishlist for workaholics.But it is worth to wait on the E90?

Nokia 9300i
Thanks to its almost complete data capabilities the 9300i amounted to its market launch at the far top in the ranking.Even Wi-Fi is available, only UMTS is missing the 9300i. A real plus: the Smartphone can both send and receive faxes – it can hardly an another Smartphone. The email client supports VPN, the BlackBerry client provides the user with push email. A music player and a Web browser, complete the equipment of the 9300i. Anyway, for those who do – without a digicam in the Smartphone it is lacking the 9300i.

Nokia E90 Communicator
Nokia has once again succeeded: the E90 is the most versatile Smartphone and will set new standards in terms of comfort and facilities. Without a complete Symbian phone from inside almost a substitute for the notebook – the E90 is State of the art. It has slimmed down considerably to its Communicator ancestors and affords genuine goof in any of its many functional areas.UMTS/HSDPA, EDGE, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS – who with the E90 no contact to the networks of the world finds, is now really no longer helping. The times, in which Smartphone and fun each other joined in, seem to be finally over, because the E90 brings also a 3-megapixel camera in addition to music and video player, which can make VGA videos.

Buy? Wait?
Who his cell phone about demands, should wait on the E90. Who do without GPS, camera and UMTS but, is still good with the 9300i and served above all much cheaper.

Nokia E61 Or The E61i?

Twice QWERTY keyboard Nokia: both attacks user to the full.

Nokia E61
The flat Symbian Smartphone offers at least the basic skills of a notebook – no matter whether you want to edit Office documents, surf the Web, or write E-Mails. With the E61, it is easily possible – also thanks to faster network connections via UMTS and W-LAN. You do have a camera though. Also the data Turbo HSDPA is not found on the list of equipment of the Nokia E61.

Nokia E61i
The E61i should be suitable for users that send many mobile E-mail and receive. Thus, it supports different mail services such as Nokia’s “Intellisync wireless email” or “Blackberry Connect”.The most obvious new feature compared to the E61 is the 2-megapixel camera. The joystick of the E61 cumbersome to use something has given way to a 5-way Navitaste. In addition, the E61i is thinner than the E61 and has a metal case.

Sony Ericsson K800i K810i?

The K800i was Sony Ericsson’s first model under Sony’s Cyber-shot digital camera brand and is one of the most popular camera phones at all. Are the strengths of the successor worth the wait?

Sony Ericsson K800i
Features such as 3.2 megapixel image resolution, real Flash, and auto focus, let photo enthusiasts will sit up. But also as a communication tool, the first Cyber-shot cell phone has its charms. Language selection, UMTS, Web log function and RSS reader can be found in this combination in hardly another mobile phone.

Sony Ericsson K810i
3.2 megapixel, auto focus, improved photo software, real Flash and a new operating concept: The K810i will be the new top model among the camera phones from Sony Ericsson. The K810i is slimmer compared to the K800i. Special highlight: In photo mode, the keyboard shows illuminated quick access to important functions and the user can click correct the most important image parameters of recording.

Sony Ericsson W810i Or W610i?

The Sony Ericsson walkman series is growing – but who does really?

Sony Ericsson W810i
The W810i offers a powerful music player, a 2-megapixel camera and a half gigabytes of memory. The Walkman phone for world travelers in question comes thanks to quad. Sociable can enjoy large phone book memory. The little black dress is well and good grip in the hand.Brightness sensor the illumination of the display and keyboard automatically adapts to the environment. In the test, however, could not quite convince the W810i.

Sony Ericsson W610i
Also the W610i has half a GB memory and shoot photos with 2 mega pixel resolution. You can make calls but only in European and some American GSM networks, because the W610i does not work in networks with 850 MHz. UMTS, EDGE is not integrated, but. HiFi-friends will be pleased that the W610i support the Bluetooth profile for wireless stereo headphones (A2DP).

Buy? Wait?
The main difference is in the supported network techniques and Bluetooth. If you can move mainly in Europe, have no large downloads on wireless stereo headphones, you don’t need on the W610i to wait.

Samsung X 820 Or U100?

Two of the thinnest mobile phones ever provide the buyer before an election (not too difficult).

Samsung SGH-X 820
Visually, the currently slimmest phone on the German market is a real highlight. The very compact design and the low weight to compensate for the lack of UMTS support, the somewhat short-lived battery and meager storage. Fans of ultra-thin mobile phones be able to live with the missing data cable.

Samsung SGH-U100
5.9 mm – that’s a Word. Thus, the U100 will are entitled to the title of ‘World’s slimmest mobile phone’. But even in this unit accommodates Samsung Bluetooth, 3 megapixel, MP3 player and a TV output. Instead of a keyboard, the U100 has a keypad that responds to touch with a vibration in the point, so that the user also knows that his command has been received. Expected April/May 2007 the U100 should be extradited.

Buy or wait?
Sure thing: wait! Not only because of the unbeatable slim Cabinet but also because of the 3-megapixel camera. And the price difference isn’t then sooo big.

Samsung X 830 Or F300?

Music or music plus video? No easy question for Samsung fans.

Samsung SGH-X 830
Compact, tidy storage, good cell phone features and great sound: the X 830 is a successful combination of phone and MP3 player. Although the mobile dispenses with phone features handsfree, profiles, and voice dialing. For this it brings a full-blown MP3 player, which with 1 GB music collection offers storage space and cope with DRM-protected titles. UMTS is not on board.

Samsung SGH-F300
The F300 is one of the new Samsung phones, which each have a screen and buttons on front and back, and is fully focused on music, because the player buttons found on the large display. Further advantages: it measures less than 10 mm at the thickest point (manufacturer) and features a 2-megapixel camera.

Buy? Wait?
If you are not immortal 830 have falls in love with this special design of the X, we advise to the wait. The F300 brings the better camera and display and large buttons, the better player control.

Rizr Z8 Motorola Razr V6?

Fold or push – both Motorola’s are fast.

Motorola MOTORAZR maxx V6
The V6 supports fleet downloads up to theoretical 3.6 megabits per second (MBit / s). In the test, we measured 1.6 MBit / s on average, the peak was at 2.2 Mbps. These data rates made pleasantly noticeable while surfing the Internet. 2 megapixel cam, card slot, and comfortable handling round off the profile of the V6.

Motorola MOTORIZR Z8
Also the Z8 will support up to theoretical 3.6 MBit per second HSDPA with download rates. A real feature is a so called fit-to-face mechanism: the Z8 buckles when you open the slider and adjusts itself to the face of the user. New: The Z8 will bring as an operating system Symbian OS and the UI UIQ, which uses also Sony Ericsson. According to Motorola, the Z8 to also bring a particularly capable video player.

Buy? Wait?
The Z8 is here a lot and offers an original mechanism. Substantially, it brings but probably not so much more than the V6 that waiting in the face of an uncertain price might be worthwhile. Unless you are a real fan of UIQ.

HTC Tytn Or Advantage?

Two high-end smartphones for really fast surfers.

HTC TyTN / T-Mobile Vario II.
Rather, many users will know the TyTN under his T-Mobile MDA Vario II name. Meanwhile, HTC sold the device but also under their own flag and unabated. While the Vario II supports only HSDPA download rates up to 1.8 MBit per second, the TyTN creates theoretical 3.6 MBit per second.The great advantage of both models: compact housing of Windows smartphones a full keyboard hides.

HTC Advantage / T-Mobile Ameo
Also the advantage a furore already T-Mobile Ameo model. Soon, he will be to have but also under his own name of HTC. Its advantages: Built-in GPS, giant display, 3 megapixel, 8 GB hard disk, magnetic full keyboard. For this the user pays a high price for euro but also with muscle strength, because the advantage is so great and difficult, that he almost goes through as a mini notebook. Its big disadvantage: You can make calls only by handsfree or headset.

Buy or wait?
Should wait for the advantage only, who has plenty of room in the bag and plenty of cash in the bag. And who is on headset phone calls. All others get a full and comfortable Smartphone in the hand with the TyTN.