Dressed In Blazer – Fashion Trend For Winter

During the winter we can observe that the clothes are more sophisticated and behaved to warm the body of low temperatures of the fanciest station of the year, but a trend that’s been doing very successfully during the winter is to use blazer with dress, the look is very stylish and modern.
The combination of blazer with dress results in two pieces well versatile that combined create a stripped-down, contemporary and current look, a great suggestion to let the sensuous woman no ordinary appeal since the dress is too short.
Several famous are already adhering to this trend of using blazer with dress, and the result is really great! The most important thing is to keep an eye on the length of the dress just for not falling into vulgarity and opinion that this dress just a blazer. You can bet also in very high heels and accessories that make the look even more elegant.
To compose the look you can also bet on a messy medium hairstyle or lightly, but we can also use the loose hairs. To make the look even more sexy bet on featured on the lips using a good red lipstick kill the darling of the moment that will leave your lips velvety without that glow. The dress with a blazer is a great pair to be used in the Brazilian winter where our cold isn’t as intense, but if you need to warm up the legs stockings bet on skin color.