Dress Correctly With A Watch-So It Goes

Where we have landed here, now there is already a contribution how to combine his clothes correctly with a watch? But being so far fetched is the origin for this style guide not at all.

Just imagine that man is invited to a Black-Tie Event, appearing in a chic tuxedo and with his style and attitude all eyes attract. Now he looks casually at his wrist and what appears as a Casio pocket calculator with rubber band. Absolute No-Go, at least for this event.

For this reason, I am now trying to find a style guide how to combine clothing with a watch and, of course, look good. Because, as you can see from the example above, a wristwatch can destroy a whole outfit as well as enrich it-depending on how the watch fits the rest of the clothing. This is mainly due to the fact that men wear rather less jewelery and what is worn, should fit as perfectly as possible.

“The style of your watch must match the occasion of your clothes.”

It is so easy to summarize the whole thing, but of course the devil is in the details. Therefore, there are some more detailed tips to help you make sure that you do not happen to something like the men in a tuxedo. Promised!

The Watch Must Fit The Outfit-Not The Other Way Around!

If we take the above-mentioned quote again, the style of your watch should correspond to the occasion of your clothes. However, in order to decide which wristwatch is the right one for a special occasion, it is important to show what kind of wristwatch is suitable for which style.

Digital or Analog?

Casual or elegant?

If you imagine something under each of these four points, or can already connect them, the basis for the selection of the right watch is laid.

Analogue watches come with a “face” on the dial, which consists of hour, minute and second hands as well as indices. These show 12 hours of a day. These watches are more suitable for formal occasions as well as classic in the business day.

The digital clocks, on the other hand, come with an LCD display or LED surface, which show the time in numerical form. Watches of this kind are worn rather casual.

Types Of Wrist Watches-These Are Available

If you look at the market of wristwatches, you can see at a glance that this is developing rapidly. The catchword is wearables – that is, watches that are technically strong and can do far more than classic timepieces.

So you can now make calls with these, check GPS coordinates as well as call different apps. If you wear the Wearables out there, you can classify wristwatches into the following five categories:

Dress-Watch-The most formal watch ever. On the white dial you can only find an hour and minute hand and very reserved indexes.The simple case is held in the correct position with a black leather strap on the wrist. Simple, minimalist and elegant, dress-watches are best described. An example of this is certainly the Classic Sheffield by Daniel Wellington, which you will learn more in this post.

Diver watches-are waterproof and pressure-resistant wristwatch, which are waterproof up to 200 m water depth and more. In the meantime, diving watches were used as a classical accessory to measure the dive time and are equipped with a rotating bezel for marking the start time of the dive. Today, dive computers have replaced the classic diving watch and make this a more fashionable accessory and luxury object. When you wear a diving watch, you should not be inspired by James Bond, because a diving watch with a suit is equal to wearing a suit with work boots, preferring to go back to the dress-watch.

Sports watches/Chronometer-definitely not the first choice when it comes to a daily companion at the wrist. However, one finds the one or the other jewelry with higher value brands.However, sporting clocks have a great advantage because of the intended use, these are extremely durable and convincing with additional features such as compass, distance meter, altimeter, GPS technology, pulse meter, and a number of other functions. The sports watch is to be moved in the casual area and should also be worn there.

Pilot watches-these are watches that have been developed for the needs of pilots since the beginning of the 20th century. This is indicated by a simple dial design and a rather large case, usually with a diameter of over 50 mm. The reason for this is the fact that the watches are easy to read. Furthermore, these usually have a large crown, which in turn is due to the fact that the pilots had to use their watches also with gloves. In modern aviation, aviator clocks are no longer needed, but are now the expression of the time spirit of a technically oriented, predominantly male target group.

Military clocks/clocks-are timepieces whose main function was to accurately specify the time over a long period of time and withstand high loads. The simple design improves the readability of the digits. Typically, these watches come in medium size, with white or green numerals on a black dial, according to TimeDictionary. Especially in the case of the first militia, a manual lift was used to avoid being dependent on batteries.

Different Occasions And Matching Wrist Watches-A Distinction

As we were now able to learn from the five watch categories, the different watch types have been developed for special occasions/situations. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you select the right watch for the occasion and do not make fashion faux pas.

Black-Tie-In such an event, simplicity is considered a trump card.The watch itself should not be noticeable and rather in the outfit, the tuxedo will finally look at you, or your overall appearance. With a simple dress-watch with white dial and black leather strap you are not wrong.

Business-For official, business occasions (suitability) you can go with a simple, classic watch in silver or gold. A thin, not overloaded dial with a simple leather strap fits quite well here (dress-watch).Alternatively, you can also wear an elegant diving watch with leather strap.

Business Casual-In normal professional life, I’m not going to wear a suit here, you can wear a stylish, elegant diver, flier or military uniform. Here it is simply important that the clock fits into the outfit and does not shine by that it has a completely different style.For example, a chunky pilot’s watch with a heavily overloaded case does not fit into a simple shirt and jeans. A diving watch with an elegant metal band can be seen.

Casual-As soon as a watch has a metal band, it looks less formal.For this reason, wristwatches with metal band are more suitable for leisure time or just for business casual looks. A leather band is suitable for just about any occasion. But even with casual outfits I prefer analogue clocks, with digital clocks I personally can not very much begin and if so, then only at the next occasion.

Sport-In sports, a dress-watch has just as little to look for as an aviator’s watch. In this case, digital clocks, which are robust enough to intercept the one or the other shock and provide the necessary data for the athlete, are actually used. This of course goes beyond the pure display of the time and rather in the direction of: measure pulse, display distance, check heart rate, etc…

Match Leather Elements Of Clothing And Watch

In my article Ledergürtel für Herren, I have already considered that it is important to adjust the color of his belt with his shoes. Say black belt to black shoes and brown belt to brown shoes. Now the wristwatch comes into this very simple equation. Because here, too, you should be careful that the leather elements-usually the bracelet-match the remaining leather elements of your own outfit.

It is therefore almost clear that a black bracelet with black shoes and belt is worn; A brown bracelet with brown belt and shoes.Watch straps in silver or gold fit in both colors.

Wristwatches with interchangeable wristbands are also very popular now, which makes it much easier for the wearer to react to different shoe colors, as this can adapt the bracelet to the situation at will. The bracelets themselves do not have the same hue as the shoes, but should be at least similar.

Never wear a watch with a black bracelet to brown shoes. Or a brown band to black shoes.

You can wear a watch with a rubber band for sport, not for the Black-Tie Event or an official event.

A Chronometer was designed for the sport and should be worn, more chic variants can be worn in everyday life.

For a classic watch, the bracelet should be leather or metal at least match the case color.

Rough, heavily rubbed, aged leather bracelets are best worn with jeans, they have nothing to look for at an official event.

The classic choice for a watch should fall on a leather bracelet, but gold and silver also fit.

Matching Metal Elements Is Just As Important…

Under the previous item we have already learned that it is important that the leather strap of the watch is adapted to other leather elements of the own outfit. But even with a metal bracelet you should pay attention that this harmonizes with the remaining accessories. When I speak of metal wristwatches, I mean watches made of steel, gold, silver, platinum and titanium-this is only for clarification.

The different versions of watches are felt in metal wristwatches a lot bigger than in leather wristwatches. Thus, there are square, rectangular, round or polygonal housings, which in turn can be matt, glossy or structured. Therefore, there are a few points on how to combine metal wristwatches with different accessories.

A wristwatch in rose gold can be worn to a golden belt buckle-here also the coloring must be correct, but do not match.

Dark metal bracelets are available with both gold and silver accessories.

Man (n) should also pay attention that when you wear rings the watch will match color to these.

When combining, you should look for accessories such as: cuff buttons, shoe buckles, buckles on the side adjusters of the trousers or at the back of the vest as well as other jewelery in the outfit.

Gold watches fit into dresses and shoes in earthy shades, silver time indicators fit better to gray, blue and black shades.

In Doubt, Always Choose The Watch After The Shoes…

For both shoes and other accessories, black is more of a more formal, more elegant color. With this one makes at least nothing wrong. No problem when choosing the right watch with interchangeable wristbands, which allows you to combine your favorite watch with both black and brown shoes. A few tips are still there to the right combination of clock and shoes.

Black leather is more formal than brown, so a black bracelet is more suitable for formal events.

Slip-On Loafers are considered as casual business – so the watch should also meet these requirements

Should the selection of a watch fall too hard, always pay attention to the shoes, these indicate the formality of the occasion.

Silver watches fit best to clothing and shoes in gray, black or blue. Goldens better match brown, beige, and other earth tones.

A Small Conclusion To The Right Watch Selection

When choosing the right watch for his outfit, one should rely on his taste, if one is still careful to wear black to black and brown to brown, so much can not go wrong. There is also a tip: as a rather thin man, one should wear slim watches, while robust men built can wear correspondingly robust watches. Anzumerken is that a thin clock on a robust man is rather smiled and a huge Fliegeruhr on a thin man likewise. It must simply be coherent and adapt to one’s own person.