Don’t Spend 200 Reais In A Carnival Costume

We are the exact two weeks of Carnival and, despite living in a distant land where this sacred date doesn’t mean much, I still remember fondly (and a certain desperation) that feeling of urgency enshrined in a single question:

Don't Spend 200 Reais In A Carnival Costume

I remember the trips to March 25 crowded, that summer heat. Entering the paraphernalia and get lost among the many ideas, forget the time joining unrelated accessories that together on Carnival, made sense to insanity.

Hours later, took the subway back home, with the bag full of novelties.Some, for entirely new fantasies (reserved for the best blocks), other, which joined with pieces of ancient costumes in an eternal recycling of revelry.

But I’m not here to poetizar my longing. I’m here to give you some advice and it’s not about sunscreen (although I actually agree with Pedro Bial). My advice? Don’t spend 200 dollars in your Carnival costume.

I know. Probably you are wondering: “People, but who spends that money on fantasy?”. Only if it’s parade in Sapucaí, huh? But I’ll tell you one thing, it’s more common than people think.

Don't Spend 200 Reais In A Carnival Costume 1

Proof of this is that a few weeks ago, the Farm has released your capsule collection of Carnival, as it does every year. A cutest costume than the other: the most traditional, like Carmen Miranda, the more alternatives, like the Unicorn, giraffe or even the Sun.

Beautiful, huh? Because the average price was around, between 200 and 300 reais.

I confess, I thought it was going to be a encalhadinha, but joined now on their website and … poof, there’s no sign of such a collection (except for this video). In e-commerce, there’s a fantasy to tell the story. Sold out everything, folks. EVERYTHING.

Don't Spend 200 Reais In A Carnival Costume 2

I love the Farm. I’m a fan of the brand and I’ve talked to them a few times here on the blog. And I don’t think they are wrong, no. They made straight, a cute, creative collection and priced people, apparently, are willing to pay. And that’s where my advice.

Got a lot of money to spare? Very same? Still I think I have better things to do with it, things that will bring you more happiness than a fantasy right over.

5 years ago I write this site here and if there’s one thing I’ve learned is that you don’t spend money buying clothes to wear once. If he were still a fantasy that we could take a dismembered and use then, come on. But I can’t think of how to insert a Tin soldier jumpsuit or a body of wonder woman in everyday life (and to invent new look with old piece is well my thing).

The truth is that maybe my problem with this whole story is less conceptual and more. After all, we’re talking about Carnival. Carnival is revelry improvised, it’s street party, joy that does not distinguish race or social class. It’s time to unleash the creativity, inventing fantasies of characters that do not exist, to play glitter on your face and be ready to through the day and make up for the night.

Don't Spend 200 Reais In A Carnival Costume 3

Be well dressed in Carnival does not ask for clothing. Carnival does not require the best trim, even the thinnest tissue. Carnival asks smile on my face and lift with your legs.

So, this is my advice: save your money and spend the imagination.