Do This for Daddy: Barbecue Apron

It seems early to be talking about this in the days of the father’s, but it’s not. For those who want to prepare this with your bare hands, it’s time to decide. Today’s tip is a gift for Dad barbecue or cook who love poking temperinhos in the kitchen. Let’s learn from this mold of Burda.

The apron is sewn with double sided, one side may be different. Let’s use a smooth tissue so we can apply a side tie detail. On the other side we’re going to sew a pocket.

In addition, 2.60 m also cotton Ribbon for the tie.

Make the apron with 1 metre high and 60 cm wide. Fold the fabric in half so that the cutting of the cava be equal on both sides. Cut the pocket with 22 cm wide and 18 cm tall. Remember to cut the mold of the body twice, once to each side.

To make a Pocket fold 2 cm from the top and overcast as in the drawing. With the iron a crease pass of 1 cm of each of the other sides. Center and PIN the Pocket on one side of the apron and machine stitch along the sides. If you want to machine stitch a split in half pocket.

Cotton tape cut in two parts of 98 cm for stitching and a part of 62 cm for neck strap.

Secure the strips with pins, one on each side, very close to the edge. Let them loose to the front of the apron as in the drawing. Overlap the other part of the body and align perfectly. Secure all around with pins.

Start sewing one of the edges of the top and carefully go doing all the way around. Cut the tips of the corners and leave the top open. Then untap to the right side. Press with iron to become all sides.

Fold one edge of the top of the apron and iron. Pin the ends of the strip of 62 cm, leaving 1.50 cm inside like in the drawing. Machine stitch closing the opening.

Fix all the tips and overcast all other sides too. Here you have one of the sides of the apron ready via BestCraftBlog.

To make the detail of the tie you have two options: you can paint with fabric paint or apply other fabrics colors using the role termocolante. You don’t have to sew on it, but if you want to make a zig-zag across the back.

Our apron go with a tie, but you can use the drawing who wish, after all each parent has a different way and you know well the gist of your father, right?