Do-It-Yourself: Wall Clock with Frame

It’s been a while since the making of embroidery won new functions, I’ve seen idea to organize, decorate, and many others, including already made post here on the blog about ideas for reuse backstage. But today we’ll show you a step by step very nice with plastic frame (had never worked with them). As the Horizon Bazaar has a huge variety of scenes, it was time to try a wider frame and create a wall clock!

Do-It-Yourself Wall Clock with Frame 1

Do-It-Yourself Wall Clock with Frame 2

Do-It-Yourself Wall Clock with Frame 3

Step 1: Cut out a circle of cardboard to the extent of the internal diameter of the frame. I painted one side of white (that’s because I used a fabric with a white background and a little transparent) and then did a central hole in the circle in the same measure of machine fitting pin.
Step 2 and 3: Cut out a piece of fabric (a little bigger than the frame), have centralized the cardboard circle on it, hit the hole and cut out.
Step 4: Separated the parts of the frame and fit the cardboard in the smaller part. After that, fit watch machine from behind through the hole in the cardboard and placed the fabric also fitting the flat pin machine.
Step 5 and 6: Placed the larger part of the frame, set the regulator and was fitting taking care to stretch the fabric. Then just go closing the regulator and, if necessary, by pulling the fabric carefully to better finishing.

Step 7: With the fabric already stretched, I finished the front by placing the hands on the clock.
Step 8 and 9: I turned the rack, cut out the leftover fabric and put the battery in the machine.
Step 10: A tip is to check whether the hands are straight (so as not to disturb the operation). Adjust the time and ready!

People, very simple to do huh? The cool thing is that you can customize using fabric with other prints or until smooth. Only the frame that we recommend that model wider due to tall clock machine.

Is clock and wall decorations too, after all, we will match that was super charming!

The materials used in this project you find in Worksofhands, Brazil’s largest virtual Cabinet. They sell online for every country and there you can find a huge variety of quality products!