Dive with Sea Lions in the Galapagos Islands on Google Street View

The service name is Street View, but the absence of streets does not make it impossible for Google to boldly go where no mapping service was. The proof is that he has been to Mount Everest, the South Pole and even some zoos around the world. The latest venture Street View is in the Galapagos Islands, highlighting the ride underwater.

Possessed of incredible natural beauty, the archipelago is known especially for its great biodiversity. Therefore, it was of utmost importance to Charles Darwin in developing the theory of natural selection of species.

The images were made for ten days in May this year, both on foot with those backpacks filled with Google cameras used to photograph places where cars do not reach, and at sea by divers.

The video below shows the backstage and the importance of working to attract attention and educate about preserving such a balanced and unique ecosystem. The mapping is the result of a Google partnership with the Charles Darwin Foundation and the Parque Nacional Galapagos.

The partnership also yielded a cool tool called Darwin For a Day, which allows anyone to explore – via Street View of course – the Galapagos Islands and to find a different plant or animal, put a tag on it. Thus, they form a bank of collaborative information, which is sent to the Charles Darwin Foundation and the iNaturalist, site that has almost the same proposal of Darwin For a Day.

How do I know you were curious it is to know how it would swim among sea lions in a sea blue and clean offensively, enjoy: