Dior Pearl Earrings Arrived!

Chegooooooou! People, hold me, hold me because today the news is beautiful, shiny, refined and to your face! I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of famous people wearing them, lots of it girl parading around and lots of magazine announcing:everyone is loving the Dior pearl earrings! Do you know which one? The one with two pearls of different sizes, one in front and the other behind the ear. Remembered?

Well, the novelty is that, in addition to this earring mara have arrived at the Silver Fine, it still came in models look -and-more- and even more beautiful than the original! Are you ready to see such goodness? Then he makes a blowjob in his hair, he prepares the look, he goes up in the salon to feel the glamor of wearing an earring like that and come with me!

Oh, how beautiful, right? From Emma Watson to Thassia Ships:everyone embarked on this trend and, best of all: more than a trend, this earring has become eternal! Yeah, it’s not going to be that little piece you used for a while and the fashions took off, you know? After all, pearls are timeless and the combination of the two stones in different sizes makes the jewelry much more sophisticated and stylish than an earring of a pearl only.Do you agree with me?

Well, here at Plata Fina, we brought you two incredible models!One is the classic, chiquéérrimo, and another, a super-special repaginado earring.Spy alone!

Too bad, right?The classic you already know and already loves, but how about, instead of two pearls, exchange one of them for a stunning and imposing Zirconia stone?Good idea, right?Now all you have to do is choose your favorite #shorts #something #sos

And do not stop there … Still, for those who want to rock in style, there are also options of Dior pearl earring in different colors!Is not it a dream?

It’s to want everyone and collect one of each color! The most classic with looks more neat and colorful and stripped down with any clothing that needs a up on account of the accessory. Now just run to our website of internetsailors.com and enjoy these little pizzas before they add up from the stock.