Denim Day: What Is The Ideal Model For Your Body Type?

Since 1872, when it was manufactured for the first time in Nimes, in France, the jeans went from fabric used to make uniforms of sailors, the raw material for some of the most democratic parts of the closet. Jacket, shirt, skirt, dress, overalls and pants are scatter symbols that work almost like a little black dress in time to assemble a look. After all, who doesn’t – or ever had – a little thing to be in jeans?
OK, we love jeans, but who surpasses the former couple Britney and Justin?
On Tuesday, May 20, the day jeans complete 141 years. The date is referring to the day the American Levi Strauss joined the tailor Jacob Davis in a patent for pockets with rivets in pants for miners. Recognized the name, isn’t it? He is the creator of the model 501 button fly Levis, of course, one of the most famous in the world.
Jeans day!
Of boyfriend skinny: on the day of the Jeans, the ABC of most democratic part of the closet
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To commemorate the date, Donna helps you find the best model of jeans for your body type. Remember that they are not rules, just suggestions that usually favor or disguise some characteristics. Come and see:
Little butt
To appear to give more volume to the area, invest in models with details on the back. Worth a larger pocket, a different application or a tapestry. Risk in the jeans of course and even the dreaded white without fear.
Ideal model: flare or boyfriend, they appear more volume
Very booty
In this case, less is more. If you want to disguise the volume, opt for dark and models with few-or almost anything – from washes. Is the exact opposite of the tips here from above: forget pockets big ones and many details in the region.
Ideal model: straight, which stretches and balances the body
It’s not a crime to have tummy, but if the goal is to let the slimmer long torso, give preference to trousers with waist high. In addition to mark the hip, the waistband down favors the appearance of unwanted love handles.
Ideal model: straight with the highest waist
Thick thighs
Models with few washes in the region and in darker shades are ideal. Let the applications or details to the waist or the bar. The less you give prominence to the region that you want to disfarçat, the better. Beware of skinny jeans, which can give the impression that your hip is greater. If you opt for this model, it is worth investing in a good jump or vests and blazers open at the top, to fine-tune the silhouette. Valley combine also with sweaters or shirts more compridinhas and fluid.
Ideal model: flare, which balances the silhouette. Don’t forget the bar this kind of pants must cover the entire shoe.
If you are skinny and tall, the capri pants values your body type, since it gives the impression of short legs. Worth opting for lighter shades and with enough detail.
Ideal model: the boyfriend, over 62. If you have details like pockets, tears or washes, even better.
For those who are overweight, work best dark models and few details. But, depending on the monitoring at the top, there’s no restriction. If you like a slimmer fit, choose a straight pants or even a skinny not so adjusted and combine with heels and blouses longer. Beware the pantolana, which looks more volume to the body.
Ideal model: the straight pants, which leaves the slimmer long torso.
More inspiration? In our Pinterest, a board full of looks for anyone who loves jeans