Decoration of Environments

Hiiii guys! It’s amazing how the end of the year leaves us even more inspired neh? We are with total gas, full of plans, projects for 2016, increasingly passionate and excited about the Luxury Feeling. There’s nothing more satisfying than coming here, to share with you all the cool that we see out there and in the end receive compliments, the affection of our readers and know that we are on the right track. That just gives us more strength to move on and go in search of more and more guesses for you!

And like all we love ends up on the blog, today we want to talk about decorating! We were invited by Plaenge to visit the newest venture that the company just handed in Campo Grande/MS: residential building Johann Strauss. We were delighted, in love and, so, we make a point to show you! Actually what most attracted our attention were the common areas of the building, which were delivered to residents all decorated and equipped. Genteee … a luxury … we want to pack and change running! Hahahahahahaha! The environments were cozy and spacious, super clean decor, well distributed and without much information, the way we love, chic just right! We brought you some flashes that are meant to be inspirational for anyone who is planning a renovation or simply want to change the decor of the house. Notice also in coatings, in wallpaper, lighting and use of colors, anyway, there are several ideas to small details that can make big differences!