Day of: Special Artist Lngo Maurer

What is an artist but endowed with special skills? Ingo Maurer, not for nothing, became known as the “poet of light”. In addition to amaze every creation, evokes unique sensations for those who contemplate their pieces. Owner of a natural look, the designer designs physical forms with sensitivity, technique and a touch of humor, birth – that make it possible to create unusual scenarios.

Contrary to what may suggest their creations, Ingo didn’t study and engineering, or arts. After completing studies in typography, became interested in graphic design, area that followed a career in New York and San Francisco for a few years. He returned to Europe in 1963 and settled in Munich, where he lives to this day, running your Office and showroom.

In 1966, he opened the Studio “M” Design and created your first artifact, dubbed “Bulb” from necessaryhome-a desk lamp with a lamp that casts diffused light and very particular features, typical of Ingo. Thus, the number of fixtures that would be your trademark: “Ingo Maurer GmbH”.

Superpremiado, Ingo signed some of the most relevant articles today-pieces that stopped even in catalogs of museums featuring – case of Light Structure, Little Black Nothing, YaYaHo, Los Minimalos, Wall, Wo Bist Du Lucellino Edison, Porca Miseria and Zettel ‘ z. His pieces can be found today in more than 120 addresses around the planet.

It was in September 2016 that their creations have reached Brazil: via FAS and representative exclusive distributor – Lighting of Ingo in Latin America – it is possible to have a unique experience, through a sensory space entirely redesigned by designer, with the goal to offer ideal conditions for presentation of your extensive product line.

“Irreverent and provocative, Ingo allowed himself to go beyond common sense, proposing a completely new perception, averse to any pragmatic monotony of the lighting market,” says Arystela Pink Peace, owner of Studio Brazil Ingo Maurer. On day 24 of August, celebrated the day of the artist – in which becomes very well represented by Ingo Maurer who, through a universal language and immediate, conquered the world with your talent.