Cuba Creates Social Network Almost Identical to Facebook

The Cuban government seems to start thinking about new ways to narrow down the information circulating in the country. Recently Sandro Mairata who writes on issues related to Latin America to Tumblr channel Univision, published some screenshots of the project called ‘Red Social’.

The website is clearly the same as Facebook, where even the same sequence of buttons, layout and visual identity can be easily recognized. The logo halfway that lump together with the old version of MySpace icons.

The project is supposed to be led by the Minister of Education, although it is always difficult to confirm this information when it comes to any action in the country. Placed in the air almost no noise, the Red Social has raised questions about its true purpose.

On the website homepage replaces the image world map commonly used by Facebook for that of the island of Cuba, signed by the phrase “a virtual meeting point for Cuban Universities”.

The blogger Carlos Alberto Benítez’s La Chiringa * Cuba said in one of his posts that the project works as a sort of intranet-online, with restricted access to only local internet connections, making it impossible to access it from other countries.

Many sources confirmed can not access the domain in diveros countries. Here in Brazil, apparently, it is also impossible.

Curious that the basic url inicilmente include the word “facebook” as a subdomain, which has already has envisaged implications of misuse of brand and potential problems related to patents. For more restricted and controlled it is the flow of information because of the political regime of the country, it is hard to believe that such a literal carbon copy of the largest social network in the world could be so naively drawn up without any fair retaliation.

I personally believe that the early entry-and-exit strategy that has typical Cuban touch, where the controversy always seems to attract the necessary attention. Failing that, where the project should have been thrown away from the radar of the interwebs, then someone made enough mistakes amateurs already in the early stages of the network.

Immediately after the publication of Benitez on the above address, apparently concerned about the kind of response that Facebook, the engineers behind the project created a new domain for network, also inaccessible, except only from the island itself.

However, the possible problems linked to the entire visual and functional part of the network can still persists. For now Facebook has not expressed any opinion on the matter.

A year ago, Cuba had undertaken the construction of ecured, giving his version – both in format and in content – the online encyclopedia Wikipedia on.. all.