Creeping and Jelly Shoes Sandals for Summer

If the intention is to leave your tootsies comfortable and free to enjoy the heat of the season hottest of the year, a great option is to invest in the flats, sandals that always highlighted this time of year. Another tip are Jelly Shoes or, and better known as “jelly shoes”, a trend that has won the taste of Brazil, by your distinguished style, as well as the jellies, super flexible and delicious shoes to wear.

For summer 20122, leather, suede and linen promise to be one of the most widely used materials in the creeping sandals footwear, which, this time, bring a handmade, rustic style, with manual finishes, prints and bold colors; the details are rich, full of flowers, animal print, leaked, cutouts, tressê, macrame, ropes, raffia, pedrarias, strip and plots in the templates.

On the color chart, many electric shades of Orange, green, Pink, yellow, purple, blue and metallic, especially gold. Another novelty is for accounts of pastels acids (neon colors in pastel colors), that gain prominence and comes with enough strength this summer.

Neutral and earth tones, also deserve attention, being good bets to counterbalance looks with clothes in shades alive. The main proposals bring flats in shades of white, nude, fog, Earth, whiskey, Pearl, pink and beige.

The rock ‘n’ roll style also takes account of those shoes, in particular, of the flats, which arrive adorned by applications of studs and rivets, in muted colors of black, Navy and also made into jeans. As well as the creeping models who have made successful Gladiators in past seasons, and follow high this season.

With striking design and bold, the jelly shoes of summer 2012 bring strong inspirations in the 70. With a vibrant color palette, with a lot of color blocking and unusual models; that receive moorings and patterns fun and with ethnic references.