Crash Blogger: Service is Inaccessible for 24 Hours (and Counting)

Is at least 24 hours that Blogger is inaccessible to users worldwide. We had people asking us via @our site about what happens to a leading blog hosting services. Well, the truth is that, to date, Google has not yet explained what the problem is. In other words, we do not know.

You can even try to access the control panel of your page on Blogger, but will come face to face with the following message:

We had a hint of what could be. Google had announced a few months ago, the development of a new version of Blogger, complete with improved interface, among other things. Could it be that yesterday the company would put the newest interface in the air. However, Google said that this problem has nothing to do with the future layout.

According to the company, maintenance was scheduled for Thursday (12). Apparently, it did not really work. In this case, bloggers were left without access to their precious spaces in large network. Probably had who noticed that certain texts are gone. Once again, Google says it has science that that was deliberate, and that the posts are being restored gradually.

“We hope that Blogger is back to normal soon,” wrote the Blogger team is one hour on Twitter. We (and millions of users) also hope.