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I think the question: Dear bathe or shower opinions simply differ. It is but certainly not just a type-but also a matter of time, aalt is rather pretty thoroughly in warm water or prefers the sparkling patter from above. And because that is so, I have compiled a few Glit recipes for every occasion.

Shower Power Shower

Our skin is an airy film of fat and moisture, which prevents too much body’s moisture to evaporate. This film is removed when showering.My trick: I just use an moisturising shower extra.

Argan Oil Shower Gel For Sensitive Skin Soul

One swears by the regenerating, rejuvenating effect of argan oilin Morocco. Therefore, it is the ideal ingredient for an extra gentle shower gel. First heat distilled water 200 ml. Then stir 50 g grated curd soap in slowly until the grating are completely dissolved. mix 20 ml argan oil. Give a few drops of rose essential oil to, to complete the Oriental feeling. Argan oil relieves itching, by the way, is anti-inflammatory and regenerating – so also ideal for mature skin

Summer On The Skin With Lemon Shower Gel

The scent of lemons is perfect for gray, cold days, because he has a mood-enhancing. As the main actor in a shower gel, it is the perfect wake-up call for tired skin in the morning.
The lemon oil can be wonderfully himself. For the bowl of organic Lemon wafer-thin Peel (only use the yellow layer, not the white below). Is in a jar and pour with 100 ml almond oil until the Bowl covers. Close the lid and let rest for 4 days. At shake, so it can connect to the oil the essential oils of the shell. 50 g grated mild soap in 150 ml of lukewarm distilled water stir until the SOAP is dissolved completely. Then the finished lemon and some fresh grated organic lemon peel to give and mix. If the citrus is still not intense enough, just a few drops can be essential organic lemon oil to do so.

Nice Relaxed Thanks To Lavender Shower

A relaxation shower gel is perfect for anyone who even want to shower off the trouble of the day before going to bed. For this I give 50 g small grated unscented laundry soap from the health food store in a glass bottle, 200 ml hot Lavender tea to fill. So long shake until dissolved the laundry soap in the tea according to When the tea SOAP mix has cooled, add 2 Tablespoon almond oil to. So you get a nice creamy consistency. Applies also here: a few drops of lavender essential oil intensify the fragrance.

Make The Bath, To The Wellness Oasis

Many purchased bath accessories are not exactly friendly to the skin.Especially anything that foams, is to enjoy dry skin with care. That’s why plays for me oil so important. That leaves a beautiful protective film on the skin and saves then applying moisturizer. Therefore after bathing the skin, gently blot, do not rub off.

Calorie Bombs-Bath Nourishes Dry Skin Soft Stroke

My favorite bath is a real Pampering tip for dry skinthat does really well now in the cold season, because he cares for the skin with fat, vitamins, minerals and enzymes and regenerates.
Heat for 1 litre of cream, a cup of honey in it on eyelets and mix with a tablespoon of wheat germ oil. Then stir in the mix in the maximum of 38 degrees warm bath water.
Simply take milk instead of cream for normal skin. For oily skin, replace the cream with buttermilk.

Sparkling Bath Pleasure

Really nice, I will also find the bathroom a bit gushing. Therefore, homemade Bath tabs are also exactly my thing.
It melts one 70 g cocoa butter and mixes them with 100 g citric acid, 200 g baking soda powder (there are both in the baking Department), 50 g milk powder, 50 g cornstarch, 1 tablespoon almond oil and 35 drops of patchouli oil, is a homogeneous mass until the whole thing.Of course, you can take also vanilla oil or any other essential oilperfume bath tabs. If the ground is too hard and not formed, just a few drops of almond oil to give. Who likes can give food color to form the mass into balls and roll in dried flower petals. There are no limits to the imagination. For the pleasantly mini portions of the mass are stabbed with a teaspoon and populated in the Aluhüllen of tealight candles. Press firmly, so that the tabs are pretty compact. Leave for 2 days to dry and cure.
The bubble effect, by the way, if baking soda and citric acid come in contact with water.

The Right Thing For Stress: Detox Bath

If you’re really stressed out and feeling tired, a Entsäuerndes bases-bad magic acts. Just fill the tub with 37 ° c warm water and stir in 100 g of sodium bicarbonate powder. One hour dive and relax. The Soda suggests on the metabolism and ensures that slag and toxins are degraded. In addition, it cleans down to the pores and makes your skin velvety soft. Then DAB the skin only and covers in a pre-warmed bath sheets, to intensify the deacidification effect of the swimming pool.

Soothes Inflamed Nerves: Melissa Bath

Was the day really annoying? Then, Melissahelps to relax very quickly.
give 100 ml almond oil into a cup and mix 15 drops of essential organic Lemon balm oil. Type in the 38 degrees warm bath water. If you like, are two handfuls of balm leaves (dried or fresh) to do so. Get into the tub and enjoy.

Purified Salt Citrus Bath

My insider tip for tight skin is a Sea salt bath, because it stimulates the metabolism, draws water retention from the fabric and supplies the cells with important minerals. For this I give 200 g coarse sea salt and 10 drops of organic Lemon essential oil in a jar and shake it vigorously. Enter the mix in the incoming water and mix with the water. Relax for half an hour in the water. After much drinking, to compensate for the loss of fluid.

Now, I hope that there is something for every taste. If not – please register. I have still a couple more tips at hand.
My favorite quote on the subject of swimming comes from television presenter Robert Lembke:
“Who likes to be called, needs to go in the bathtub”

I found that this also applies to the showers! 😉

Until next time. Very dear greetings from the moving chaos of.