Cooling Fans for Room Use

The hottest day of the year cause inevitably some sort of discomfort. Resorting to the fans is an economical solution to refresh any environment. Health Allies, the devices also renew the air polluted by a cooler. To meet the different needs of consumers, different types of equipment are available. Learn more about the models and find out how to choose the perfect fan for you.

Cooling Fans for Room Use

Portable fan

Traditional model, the portable fan has the great benefit of being able to be taken every room in the house or even a trip. With this product, you can direct the airflow where desired. The online shop offers three types of portable fans. The table is further utilized in environments that do not require intense ventilation. The model column has a long rod, allowing adjustment of height and, therefore, ensures the best wind distribution. The tower apparatus has the advantages of being silent and still have more modern designs.

Wall fan

The wall fan is installed at a fixed point of the wall. In large environments, it is indicated for those who want to vent in a particular corner of the room. This model provides optimal ventilation to the place for which it is intended and often used in environments where air circulation is poor. The scope of this fan can get up to 50m².

Ceiling fan

The ceiling fan is successful because it is bigger and very efficient. On average, it has range from 15 to 25 m2 and uniformly. A fixed fan only cools the place where it was installed. If you like convenience, you will be happy to know that there are available the ceiling fan with remote control, which allows the speed control with just a few clicks. Due to their beautiful designs, it also helps when composing room decor. Versatility is another important feature of the product. It has an exhaust system which can change the rotation to counterclockwise (and carries the wind-up), allowing an efficient circulation of air. A t the time of installation, you must respect the minimum distance of 70 cm between the tips of the blades and other objects or walls. Learn how to install a ceiling fan.

Differences between fans and circulators

The two devices have very similar appearance, but different functions. The circulator provides air circulation evenly and does not produce a targeted wind. Its main function is circulating the air to let the cool temperature. The fan, in turn, has a more concentrated airflow and directed to some point. As a quieter product, the circulator is more suitable for bedrooms, especially the children. The fan as wind produces more focused on compact spaces. Since the other unit usually has great performance in larger rooms because their air distribution is higher.