Control Your Android Phone by Computer Using Vnc

VNC is a very popular program used for remote support. Several free or paid remote support tools are based on VNC and its variants and now there is also a VNC server that you can run on your Android phone.

Control Your Android Phone by Computer Using Vnc

Using the droid VNC server you can use your Android phone from the computer, keyboard and mouse. It is great for testing programs, installing applications or other tasks that are easier to do by the PC than by the screen of the device.

First you install the droid VNC server that requires your Android phone to be rooted. After this the program will request the superuser permissions and you should allow it. Ready! Your Android is now a VNC server and you can access it using any VNC client .

I thought about doing a video explaining the operation but I found a video on Youtube in the same style of what I would record. The video below shows an Android phone being controlled from the computer via VNC. The phone screen is seen on the PC and keyboard and mouse commands are received by the device. In the same way if you use the device by touching the screen or the buttons you will see in the PC the result. It is exactly like a remote support session using VNC between two computers.

A great utility I found for the VNC server on Android is making presentations of tools and apps on the phone to an audience, for example. You can hold the phone in your hands, use it normally, and everyone can see the device’s screen being projected through the computer. Very simple, free and fulfills what it promises. It is only a bit slow when there are many animations on the screen.

The keys that mimic the Android buttons on the computer keyboard through the droid VNC Server are as follows:

  • Android Back Key: ESC
  • Androi Home Key: Home
  • Android Menu Key: Page Up
  • Android “off” key: End
  • Keyboard directional keys also work normally

Although the application’s official website reports that it does not work on Milestone, I tested it on the Motorola Milestone with Android 2.3.7 , the CyanogenMod 7, and it worked perfectly.