Confidence to Wear a Dress

Forced to ramble a moment, when the end is so a lot of ideas. Then I can stop things unnecessary rehashing long, after all keep talking landed out. So, if you blog pokes, of course, but look at nice pictures beach cottage. Now the matter.

Many of you have asked what this blog is about to happen. is surely obvious to anyone what has happened, but the future is unclear. I’m not going to return to the detailed postings of my life anymore, when my life takes in more than just myself. I’m not going to stop writing about my life, even though I do not live alone anymore. It scales, which are in the loins of privacy and publicity, still swinging life changes in the aftermath, but it is slowly settling into position. The changes give rise to changes. I have tried to fight them, and return to the former, but I realized that actually I should change more, or to try a completely different direction than where to go back to the probe.

Then it is said directly. I am extremely tired of all types of explaining, listing and ynnäämiseen. This asukuvia, under which there is an explanation of why these clothes on me and what I wore these clothes can be bought. Here again a list of what I eat during the week. Here are ynnäystä as to why all of a sudden the training runs, or why is it no longer runs. The reporting burden and leads me to the disgust of the daily routine of this blog culture. Maybe a jealous reaction due to the fact that I’ve been doing this for so long. However, I think it’s generated more that I would like to thrash out fashion blog, with approximately eight years ago I settled to live in, but it’s not easy. It does not have any easy.

Recently, the very fact that a few bloggers have changed the blog homepage in such a way that the posts can not scroll through the stream, but they need to click separately open, has created almost from the war bloggers and readers, when questions have been raised as to whether the blogger customer service or not. I mean that is it more important that a blog appeals to bloggers or those who read blogs. Guess what it’s like to design a massive reform of the blog, you already get such a small change in the blog world crushed the reception? My reform of the shade would be even more radical.

So I’ll leave ideas trapped for a moment and concentrate on one of the everyday and comfortable. I promised to tell mother images dress more for you, so ease this opening by keeping my promise. Globe Hope gave me to choose from a selection of clothing, which I liked the most. I like Sofia-dress, and a lot can not tell. I also like about this character, which press events I have almost never had time, but I got an online store to wear while. Globe Hope manufactures recycling and ecological surplus materials and stylish products. Collections will appear twice a year, and the e-shops supply the products even to places where there is no sales yet again.

Would you have guessed that my dress is made of the Soviet mattress fabric and the German army cleaning of the bag? Second junk is another man’s treasure, and there is always hope. As blogs than each of surplus materials 🙂