Complete Guide Flooring for Bathrooms

The coat of a bathroom much talk about the room personality. Today there are numerous choices of materials to apply in wet areas such as bathrooms and toilets.

However, some care must be taken before choosing which product to use. Some criteria such as water resistance, durability and slip property can help make a safer decision.

Check out the following types of coating and the specificity of each:

Porcelain Tiles

Type of coating that is high. It has a little high price compared to ceramic for greater abrasion resistance and durability.

The rustic floors are less slippery compared with the polished version. Because they have low impermeability require little maintenance.


Ceramic coatings have the advantage of being one of the most expensive options market. The versatility of the material also draws attention. You can find many models with colors, patterns and finishes that add a touch of personality in the bathroom.

They are also resistant to fungi and despite being breakable exhibit high durability. Easy to install, the ceramic coating can be applied on floors and walls.

Depending on the finish, this kind of material can be slippery. In this situation it is recommended to apply a protective resin has anti-slip function.

Marbles and Granites

They are more expensive than the above by having even higher hardness and abrasion resistance.

They present the possibility of treatment and are easy to maintain materials. versatile form are used: floors, countertops and walls.

Hydraulic Tile

They stand out for retro touch that give the decoration. Made by hand, it is the price a little high and the application requires skilled labor.

It is recommended to use for waterproofing the drawings are not impaired with time.


They are famous for enabling customization of bathrooms and toilets. porcelain are most suitable for wet areas because they are non-slip.

The application must be made by a qualified professional can cover floors and walls.


They give a modern touch to the decor, however, cannot come into direct contact with water. They can be applied on floors and walls, except in the garage area.

Besides being a cheap option, vinyl flooring has other advantages such as softness, thermal and acoustic comfort.