Common, Leather Shoes And Suede: Where To Use?

Understand why each type of leather is suitable for a different occasion.

This is another post that comes to solve the readers ‘ frequently asked questions. Many people ask me about the occasions and outfits suitable for use with shoes of varnish, for example, and although I’ve done a text about the degree of formality of the shoes according to the model, I little spoke there on the materials from which they were made. So here we go:

Men shoes of varnish

Are the most elegant and formal. The oxfords usually accompany tuxedos in fancy parties and are not indicated even for desktop, for more formal and elegant that it is, in these locations the ideal is to invest in something more discreet.

… ….

Male common leather shoes

Are more versatile than varnish, may accompany the suit at a wedding or a day’s work, because despite serious and impressive, do not bring the luxury gloss varnish.

Note: reminds you that well shined shoes (polished too) and varnish shoes are visually very different.

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Suede or Nubuck shoes

I note that the less brightness, more casual footwear, isn’t it? So here we are talking about shoes for use with chino pants or jeans, they can attend a casual work environment, but don’t go to traditional marriages and conservative corporate environments.

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The thing complicated.

But the loafers and monk straps of varnish? When to use them?

Actually the menswear has these pranks, after all we have considered informal footwear that gain a more luxurious finish and showy. And Yes, loafers of any kind are informal, as much as the men insist on using them with formal attire. What ended up happening is that with today’s insistence the moccasin type shoes, slip on and the like are accepted with tailoring, but still are not accepted in formal events.

The trick here is that you use them with a casual, but not with jeans and a t-shirt, prefer a pair of chino or tailoring combined with a stylish shirt.

Wait that complicates more …

And the shoes that mix the types of leather?

Have shoe mixing varnish with suede or nubuck, as regard them?

I confess that I prefer the simple life afforded by the classic shoes, but there is a possibility of you find an incredible footwear is made of more than one type of leather. In this case it is a casual shoe, but not casual enough to be used with any type of clothing, so good here common sense: If the model inspire something relaxed a relaxed on the look, if there’s a serious guy, appeals to a combo with parts well elegant and with a certain degree of formality, just keep at all costs the varnish out of the jeans.

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Even with a few simple rules to match the leather of the shoe with the type of clothing that you will use in certain cases will require a review of the play, because there are certain characteristics that may change the character of the footwear.