Colored Men’s Jackets

The jackets are already being considered the new Cardigans and strong colors already replace the sober

Not only little black dress who live the leather or Twill jackets, resin-coated or not, the wave of colorful jackets already have the wardrobe to the most classic men. In the summer, we have some cool nights, and are at times that the jackets appear in all colors and shapes to brighten the look.

The Red Jacket was the one that appeared in the parade and lookbooks of big brands, making the piece more easy access, so many are acquiring and keeping doubts at the time of use. Our tip for the Red jackets combine pants in neutral color tailoring, shirts and even social ties, since they are very elegant with more formal clothes.

Burgundy already, as part of the photo, travels very well in cool and modern looks, but it’s ugly in more classic too.

Leaving a little of the reds, there are some models in olive green aged that get even more valued when accompanied by details in metal, badges and insignia, making a good pair with jeans or khakis, namely whether the military word came to mind, you are correct!

If you prefer a more clean choice the right tones dark, as oil and graphite, so don’t miss it. Look at the inspirations that split up for you:

Where to buy

Besides the Colcci and Tommy Hilfiger, Zara also sells the jackets of different colors. Renner and multibrand stores Leader also sell. Now prepare the Pocket because the price of the piece doesn’t come cheap, you won’t find it for less than R real $150 especially if leather.

TIP:Do not store your piece in drawer, put on guard-clothes with hanger and don’t let long saved. From time to time let it breathe outdoors.