Colored Drinking Glasses Sets

Collecting colored pens is one of my favorite. Every time I see a new one, immediately I am itching to take it home. These beautiful collections should not be only placed on the desk, they need to be exhibited.

This week when I went to the market, I saw a set of six glasses priced at R$32. Then I thought I should buy them because they can become great pen holders.

I already have some pen holders, but it is never enough. I even showed the transformation of the old pens to my brother here, remember?

The former is still on the desk with pens, pointers and objects of everyday life. The glasses which were reserved for pens are used less often, as permanent markers, whiteboard markers, highlighters, pens, gel pens, liquid chalk and some accessories of the silhouette. Still, they are all within the reach of my hands for any quick work.

My room was more cheerful and clean. The brand is called Yazi Trivo. They are also available in the free market at R$ 35.

Do you also have such experience? Describe it and share with us.