Classic Mens Fashion Style

Trends suck. Or at least compared to classic men’s fashion. For those who have mastered to carry up a suit will not have any problems to carry out some other garments. Rather, it is fundamental to know the basics.

Costume Design Oscar Jacobson (approximately £ 3999)–We showed this costume already to the autumn Wizard for Gothenburg. However, it is worth attention again. A light gray Prince of Wales checkered suit harmonizes nicely with any colors and will definitely be a cornerstone in the closet.

Shirt Hackett (c. 1070)–Narrow and pointed skjortkragar is starting to feel a bit trite. Therefore, it is wonderful to see a cutaway, like this one from Hackett, a brand that definitely shows off her main page with a little more dressed up collection.

Tie Luigi Borrelli (approximately 600 kr, Our site)–Also starting the trend with the solid color neckties and matching pocket squares become quite frustrating. Those who want to invest in stripped neckties, choose a model with fewer details or stylish structure rather than opting for a completely smooth. Here is an example from the Luigi Borrelli.

Handkerchief Coles (circa 420 AD)-Someone made the comparison with a handkerchief and whipped coffee foam. May sound pretentious, but is true at the same time quite well. Handkerchief shall not be folded into kavajfikan without shaped. You live only one life, it is better to gild it with Paisley pattern. This from British skjortmakaren Coles according to

Shoes Shipton & Heneage (approximately £ 2695)–Shipton & Heneage is one of England’s largest manufacturers of quality shoes. The range is wide, ranging from purple loafers to Wellingtonstövlar. For those who think the price is a little too high, the company continuously a range of models on sale.

Socks New & Lingwood (c. 200 ad)–Although the purple details will not appear with a pair of shoes, it’s the details that count. The dark blue base color is often a better alternative than the fully black stockings