Ciclovia Turns Good Business for Paulistano

Expansion Of Exclusive Tracks For Cyclists Increases Chances Of Financial Return

The expansion of bicycle paths in São Paulo is changing the city and the life of the people of São Paulo. This is what happened to an experienced businessman, who worked for 22 years in the financial market, with a mechanic who packed bicycles for 15 years on Sundays in the Minhocão, and with a family that bought a bicycle shop about to go bankrupt and that, a week later, Won an exclusive bike path at the entrance – and left the former owner regretful.

“I took advantage of the moment when the city is discussing the bike, wanting to pedal and that the bike paths are spreading to get out of my old job and go after what makes me happy,” said the businessman Clademilson Torres dos Santos, 42, Owner of Spokes.Known as Guga among cyclists, he worked as a commercial superintendent for Banco Safra until 90 days ago.

“The bicycle market has changed in general, we are seeing a growing urban cyclist, one who wants to pedal to get to know the places of the city or get to work on a stylish bike,” he said.

Santos opened the first store three years ago in a gallery on Rua Augusta, already at the height of Avenida Paulista. Then he left his old job. In addition to taking advantage of the current moment of the capital of São Paulo, the businessman also decided to dedicate himself to the new store, in Rua Peixoto Gomide, in Jardim Paulista, south zone, specialized in mountain biking and other categories of cycling. “And we’re going to expand. Soon I’ll open the third store.”

He says that despite making less than he earns when working in the financial arena, he is happy to be in the business he likes and for having changed suits and shoes for t-shirts, shorts and sneakers following WhichEverHealth.

Bet And Luck

Merchant Victor Hugo Duran Torrico, 41, has always worked with small businesses. When he bought and took the bike from a friend at Rua Doutor Albuquerque Lins, in Santa Cecilia, in the central region of São Paulo, he followed the advice of his father, a bicycle mechanic for 50 years. Torrico, of course, also enjoys cycling around the capital.

“It was amazing to have made a bicycle lane in front of my store 15 days after the opening, and today my clientele is tied to this track.” Many people bring their bike that had been standing for years, full of dust, to pack. New ones,”he said.

When he took over the business, his monthly billing expectation was $ 8,000, the same as the former owner-who was sorry after the band’s inauguration-earned monthly. With the bike path that comes from Perdizes and is about 4.2 kilometers long, Torrico’s carton registers an average of R $ 20,000 per month.

Left The Minhocão

Owner of a small workshop at Rua Doutor Carvalho de Mendonça, also in Santa Cecilia, the mechanic Jose Edmilson da Silva, 53, known as Bigode, bicycles every Sunday in Minhocão. “I was doing services like a tire and chain exchange, I was charging a maximum of $ 30.”

Now, on Sundays, he does not have to go to the riders anymore. “I leave a sign there in the Minhocão and they come up here pushing the bike. Sometimes I do the motorcycle rescue.” Silva is also working harder. “Before the bicycle lanes, I would ride three bikes a month, the same amount I have done per week. The movement has improved by 30%.”

“Generally, I take bicycles that were abandoned by people who decided to pedal after the bike paths were created,” said Silva. While the report was talking to him last week, four customers came to the scene to pick up the bikes.”Most customers live downtown and are going to work by bicycle.” The information is from the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo.