Cia MarÍTima Swimwear Summer

Indian-Inspired-Cia MarÍTima 2013

A few weeks ago occurred one of the most important fashion events, Fashion Rio.Characteristic for putting on catwalk brands in the segment “beachwear”, among the highlights we had the wonderful parade of one of the most important brands in the industry, the Cia.

For the 2013 summer the Cia sought Maritime influences on Indian fashion, bringing the Eastern Brazilian bikinis stamping. Many vivid colors such as yellow, turquoise and pink. The drawings well like we see in gowns and garments made the most successful Indian on the catwalk and promise to kick butt on the beach or pool.

The modeling of the bikinis were very basic, many followed the cortininhas style and panties with ties on the sides, which is not very advantageous, since this model is a limited number of biotopes. Running of this style quite restricted, the brand also brought to the catwalk models with side panties more larguinha and also the bandeau tops well structured.

To parade on the beach or pool area with more comfort and privacy, the kaftan collection at the “Center”. Long sleeves and long, wide and moulds with the style “mulet”, long ago and short in front. The tissues of the outputs of the beach were fluttering and fluids, to ensure even more elegance to the floor.

In addition the CLA Maritime kaftans also produced some long skirts, colorful tops and super monkeys for use on the beach with tropical prints and basic fabrics, such as cotton, especially for maternity swimwear via Babyinger.