Chrooma Keyboard Adds Color to the Keyboard Android | Now free!

The keyboard Chrooma Keyboard is updated to version 2.0 and introduces some interesting new features, including a new adjusting menu, multi language support, new colours, a new predictive algorithm and a sync system settings.

The main innovation, however, concerns the abolition of costs € 1.49 that were needed to buy the app, since it is now completely free. If so you have got to try Chrooma, you can fix it by downloading it directly from the Play Store via the link below:

On the Play Store you can find endless custom keyboards to download and use in place of the default Google Keyboard, but few actually those who really are able to add interesting functionality and – why not – a touch of color to the keyboard.

One of these is Chrooma, keyboard developed by GameLounge available on the Google Web shop at the price of . This is a different solution than the popular SwiftKey and more similar in its capabilities to Google Keyboard original. If you can not help but themes or predictive, then it is better to opt for emoji keyboard, because the goal of Chrooma is to add color to the keyboard of your smartphone (as much).

First Chrooma allows you to Add a line to the numbers, with the ability to manually correct the space occupied by the on-screen keyboard. Depending on the app you’re using, then, the keyboard automatically changes color, adapting to environmental design in which you are working. For example, when writing a post about Hangouts the keyboard appears in green, red and yellow while on Gmail is in Google Keep. Alternatively, you can manually choose the background color for each application, or are expected to option to disable adaptive color by selecting a more traditional keyboard in Material Light or Dark Material.

According to themotorcyclers, the Night Mode allows you to adapt the keyboard color external lighting conditions, lowering of alcohol in case the lighting is poor. Finally, it is also possible to separate lines of keyboard giving each line a different color depth selected.

The developer will introduce soon more news, but in case you’re curious, you can alreadydownload Chrooma on Google Play Store at the price of .